Know Your CMS From Your BPM


rcj's post on CMS got me thinking about this whole area, in case I was missing something. I came across a post my someone looking at integrating CMS (Content Management System) and BPM ( Business Process Management ). The purpose for this being to use the workflow functionality of the CMS to manage the create-revise-approve-publish/distribute processes, and use the BPM to manage the document routings.

In other words let the CMS manage the inner-document workflow, and the BPM manage the inter-document workflow.

This article I read today tries to explain BPM and its application to the long tail.

Anyone with views who actually understands these things? I suspect most readers of TW are more potential buyers of CMS than BPM.

Applying the long tail concept to process management it is apparent that business process management software suites are platforms that help organizations drive efficiency deep into the long tail of their organizational processes. Some processes, such as strategic sourcing and procurement, are often so tailored to the specific needs of a particular organization that traditional off-the-shelf procurement packages will not suffice.


Another acronym

Another acronym I have in my bookmarks from a year or so ago is WCM (or WCMS) for Web Content Management - there were a few products that pitched on this heavily.

For anything big, or likely to get big, I'd be inclined to always do custom-jobs, but a list - much like the FF extensions one - might be a useful resource here? I'll go through my bookmark section and see what's still breathing.

>anyone here

>anyone here

Yeah, having once designed and hand-coded a complete, wall-to-wall, obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive A/R, A/P, and Inventory Management system (basically, everything except payroll and point-of-sale) for a wholesale firm with $3-5 million annual sales, I feel capable enough to tell you that he's mostly spinning marketspeak in that article. Here's his company, which was listed in the bio: appiancorp.

Back in the neanderthal days before acronyms were invented we used to call BPM work flow, but ~damn~ BPM just looks SO good on a slick, 4-color brochure --I can see why marketing wants to use it, hhh.

Most here would be interested in CMS unless they're trying to patch their online orders into their inventory system or have online timesheets linking to payroll, etc.


I was trying to figure out what beats per minute had to due with any of this.

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