Moron of the Week! - Adsense Scammer gets Busted for Being a Prat

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This trick is so obvious, it's actually endearing. I expected this to spread across other forums for "quick results", but the lack of that makes it just that little bit more subtle ; ) Not subtle enough though...

Note: the fun element outweighs the snitch part - IMO.



Nothing snitchy about that I can see Wit, the little turd just tried to con the nice boys and girls at seochat and got busted and branded for the moron he truly is.

Hysterical, made my day :-)

do you reckon it's his code o

do you reckon it's his code or a competitors codse then ???

Moron or Sneaky little Turd

Either way...

..someone should put him out of his misery...


It's crazy isn't it?

But I bet it worked a fair bit before he got caught...

What is it about our industry, it does seem to attract alot of scammers tricksters...

Why don't we hear about all the good guys like us, who work really hard to make an honest buck, both for ourselves and our clients?

Is it really to much to ask for people to be decent and honest where the internet is concerned.

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