Farewell Threadwatch


[Update: Threadwatch is now back]

Im a little excited, and a lot sorry to say that i will be leaving Threadwatch today. There has been lots of umming and ahhing on my part as I've struggled to work out my time and commitments, but the final result is that as of today, right now, I no longer own, or administer Threadwatch.

My commitments to Performancing, the company Patrick Gavin and I have set up are getting bigger by the day. Organizing writers, developers, the introduction of a new PR company to the team and all that that entails and a whole bunch of other stuff mean that I now have to commit to that full-time if we want to get where we want to go with it.

The Good News

...is, that TW will not be put out to pasture. Aaron Wall of SEOBook has kindly agreed to take over Threadwatch and will begin that task as of today. You all know him, and I hope you'll give him a fair shot. There were several options on what to do with Threadwatch, and some, far more lucrative than this one, but in the end, I opted to go with a friend, rather than sell TW to devshed or some other firm. Mostly because I've spent the last 14mts living here, and talking with you guys on a daily basis. I just couldn't bear to see TW go to someone that didn't know it well, and have an idea of what to do with it. I've come to call this place home, but now it's time to move on. I'd like to thank everyone for making this a fucking fun place to run, post at and work on over the last year, and i really hope Aaron does the job I know he's capable of and manages to make this place better for everyone. I'll pop back later today and try to answer any questions. Take care guys. Nick


So long sucker!!

Both sad and happy to see you go and move on with Performancing. You've done a fine job of redefining the way many of us all think, read, and blog about search.

Aaron should shine with the chance to run ThreadWatch, as it gives him more to talk/rant about that SEO. Congrats to both of you.

Take Care and Good Luck!

Been an astonishing as well as remarkable year + ,
Nick - A bit sad but - that's life... I wish you only the best in Performancing and in any future project!
Aaron - excellent and appropriate *compensation*, I'm pretty sure TW will remain informative yet entertaining and merry.

Good Luck!




Best wishes to Aaron.

I can't think of anyone

I can't think of anyone better to take over than Aaron


and good luck with your new stuff.


All the best, Nick. The site won't be the same without ya.

fucking hell

shit, you're off! my only concern: will we still be able to swear?

in any case, best of luck with P'ing, Nick. TW's in capable hands!

Best of Luck on Performancing Nick

Hi Everyone
I tried convincing Nick that it would be best if could keep running the site, but I think there is only so much Nick to go around and working so hard on a number of channels was wearing him a bit thin. I told him that I would love if he could come post whenever he liked, especially the stuff that puts Matt in a foul mood :)

I too am going to have to work on consolidating some of my efforts and sites. I have about 15 sites about search and that can't be good for most of them!

I won't pretend that I can be as irreverent as Nick or that I will find as much of the great news as he was able to dig up, but I think he did a great job building up this site. Threadwatch has a community second to none and I hope to change as little as possible with it. I want it to keep running as is (and hoping that Nick will come back and post whenever he gets a chance).

This site has acted as my home page for nearly a year. Even before checking email, when I would wake up I checked Threadwatch. I am hoping it stays that way for me and for some of the other great contributors and lurkers here. It is going to be a lot of hard work!

Thanks for all the kind comments so far. Make sure you read Performancing every day as well if you want to keep up with all Nick is up to.

holly shit!

TW without Nick....

The place will survive, just seam a little different for a while. You have dne one hel of a job!

Wow WowNick, I am sure you

Wow Wow
Nick, I am sure you will keep in touch. Aaron, best of luck!


Thanks Aaron for taking over!
Hope you'll come back now and then to post Nick, you've been fucking entertaining!
Best of luck for both of you!


Didn't see this one coming ( maybe I missed a few posts here :) )

Anyway, Aaron certainly is one of the few who can keep TW alive. One question though, SEObook and TW have comparable content ... will it still be worth to follow both sites ?


Nick, it won't quite be the same without you mate, but well done for leaving it in the best possible hands.

Eye Opener

Wowee! that was certianly an eye opener... good luck Nick with your latest projects and farewell.
The idea for Aaron to take your place is a good one, a person with much forward sight and thinking... good move and welcome Aaron.

All the best Nick, thanks

All the best Nick, thanks for your great work on TW, and keep in touch. BTW Aaron owes you a permanent link to performancing ;)


Best of luck Nick...

I'll be sorry to see you go, but I'm looking forward to seeing how threadwatch progresses with Aaron behind the wheel.

Best of luck to both of you. :)

I though you struck a deal

I though you struck a deal with AOL :)

Good luck

Good luck guys!

Wow, is what comes to mind. Good luck guys. I hope everything will work out for everyone :)

>helping bloggers succeed

Hehe, too funny Nick - I remember you were one the first guys to really pound the bloggers for being just a bunch of kids with something to say. Guess opnions change, eh? ;)

Good luck mate, don't hesitate to ask if oyu ever need anything in our neck of the woods.


Congrats to both Nick and Aaron on their new ventures. It is great to watch as their careers/companies evolve.

All the best with your

All the best with your ventures both! :)

Congratulations, and Farewell


I remember the start of threadwatch like it was yesterday. You've done something remarkable here, and congratulations are in order. I recently started following along at your new home, and performancing looks like it is an excellent act to follow. Thanks for the news, and the fun that you've brought into the SEO world. I look forward to continuing to see good things from you.


I have to say that this is a surprise, but I'm really glad to see Nick leave threadwatch in such capable hands. Congratulations to you, too.

Shame to see you go Nick,

Shame to see you go Nick, but I appreciate that everyone moves on.

What I really don't understand is why, having created such a major node for yourself, you then want to drop it for the relative obscurity of Performancing. I would have thought the workload was better focused here than there?

Anyway, best of luck to you, Aaron - hope things work out well here - quite a meme to take on.

Thanks for the past 14

Thanks for the past 14 months Nick, all the best with performancing.

All the best to you too Aaron.

Good luck to both Nick and Aaron

It will be interesting to see what happens with both Performancing and TW in 2006.

Huh? Wow...

Thanks Nick for all your work. TW is one of my favorite places.

Congrats Aaron!


What About My Daily Dose of SEO Bitters

Nick -

At least I know I'll get some Blogging Bitters at Performancing - that post was hilarious.

Aaron -

Congrats... especially since SeoBook is one of the few site that I read in the mornings after Threadwatch. So will people now say Aaron of Threadwatch fame as opposed to Aaron of SeoBook fame?

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Interview with Aaron Wall

I just did a interview (well a chat) with Aaron covering some of this news.


Thanks Nick for everything you've put together here over the past year or so. I've really enjoyed the site.

Got a call.

I got a call whilst waiting on my flight back to Europe last night giving me both the good and bad news. I hope Nick will still find time to come in and piss people off and teach us - I think all of the people who come in here daily and even less often have learned a lot from Nick over the last year - and laughed a lot.

I certainly never expected to spend so much time here on my first visit (when some wanker was wrongly dissing one of my clients) but have somehow been dragged into the mire. The irreverance (especially Nick, NFFC, JasonD and sometimes DaveN) combined with the extremely high quality of people who hang around here have really made TW a great place to hang and sometimes be hung (IHY bans).

I'm looking forward to Aaron's stewardship and will miss Nick's.

Nightmare. Will we have the

Nightmare. Will we have the same Nick W humorous-type posts from the new owner?

If this place becomes as dull and repetitive as WMW I will have to jump into the lake.

Nick, congratulations on

Nick, congratulations on your sale mate and especially so for picking such a great guy, who I KNOW will carry on the great TW ethics you started over a year ago.

Aaron, welcome to the sleepless nights, days, morning, afternoons club :D

Nick, I, too have made this

Nick, I, too have made this place the first place I read. I wish you much luck with Performancing. Good luck.

So long

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Best of luck to you Nick in your new venture.

Aaron, congrats in taking this on.

Wow, that was a shocker

Good luck Nick! Will be fun to see Aaron rambling daily...


...have you finally succumbed to Aaron's efforts to buy this site off you - for big bucks of course? { badly needs smilie...! }

>> ...swearing...

Guess we'll have to compensate - LOL

Thanks Nick!

For having one of the one of the most well run websites I have ever visited on the web. It has been pleasure to visit here at least 4 times a day...LOL and hopfully it will still be that way. You will be missed a lot around here. Good luck with everything you do.

All The Best,

Best of Luck

and Good Wishes to both of you.



It has been a great 14 months. Thanks for that, you will be missed and best of luck in your new mission of trying to convert fluffy thinking bloggers from their heathen ways. ;)

Thanks also for _not_ selling the site to a wanker. :) I think the choice of Aaron is great and I know TW will be just fine wherever he takes it.


Best of luck to you! What a fantastic opportunity.

Thanks Nick

thanks Nick and Good luck.
You can be proud of how quickly you built this up and stuck to your original idea and theme.

BTW as I went to type 'good' above, I actually typed 'Google', how sad is that?

Thanks, Nick

Thanks for getting TW off the ground, best of luck with Performancing (I subscribed to the feed last week) and thanks especially for not selling out and letting this place become some monetized corporate craphole. It renews my tiny bit of faith.

Ok Nick, good fucking luck!

Ok Nick, good fucking luck! Fucking nice one Aaron!

Cheers, Nick

Good luck with making money off the navel-gazing heathens and thanks for keeping us all riveted here. Don't forget the first-born, even if it has left home.

Bummer Nick. Congrats Aaron.

You have a talent of finding the smallest hint of a rumor and turning it into a full-blown discussion with quality people taking shots from either side.

I'll miss that, but I look forward to the Aaron era.

best of luck to you

best of luck to you Nick, It's been great hanging around this place. I'm sure Aaron will keep it going just fine :)


Thanks for all your hard work, Nick, and best of luck with Performancing. Very few people could have pulled off what you did with TW and I expect we'll see that carry forward to your new endeavor.


Start work one day a bit late and a bit groggy after a night with some mates (Jeeze, Nick's got me saying mates!), seeing this is a bit hard to believe.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but back in 1970 when Diana Ross left the Supremes, Ed Sullivan introduced their last television appearance with something along the lines of, "The biggest act of the '60s becomes the two biggest acts of the '70s." Well, you get the idea.

I'm sure with Aaron at the helm we can look forward to a bunch of irreverence to spice up our days and a heck of a lot of knowledgeable discussion. Congrats and Good luck, Aaron.

And Nick, you, Patrick and the other folks over at Performancing have already helped me get my first couple of blogs up on a solid footing, and give me much more information than I can digest at a single sitting. All the best.


...on finding something you feel has even more potential than TW! You must have some huge ambitions; and I know that Patrick & co. are very smart and talented so i'm sure you will make it happen!

Best of luck Aaron. Nick, who's gonna give Brett shit all the time now?

From Jboykin's interview with Aaron

Aaron Wall: I became a nuclear reactor operator


So what is the angle? Get #1

So what is the angle? Get #1 for blog and sell everyone your software and all things blog?

Good luck Nick. Come a long way from Farnham anyway. I will still stop here a few times when I could not be assed to work. More power Aaron, now you got even more writing to do :)

Wow.. Good Luck Nick.

Well, I for one am sorry to see ya go mate, but good luck in your new endeavors with Patrick. We all wish you the best of luck here.

Thanks for TW Nick and Congrats to Aaron

Sorry to see you leave TW Nick, but I'm sure your new endeavors will do great!! ;-) Thanks for the introduction and help with Drupal. Good luck and don't be a stranger here.

Aaron, congratulations on acquiring TW. I'm sure you'll keep this place going in fine fashion.


Sorry to see you go

Thanks for all your hard work Nick. Threadwatch has been an excellent resource of mine and it's been my homepage for quite sometime.

I'm glad to see Aaron taking over. I hope TW doesn't lose its candid editorializing or its one stop shop for excellent SEO news.

Take care Nick. You'll be missed.


Nick, you fucking idiot....

Thanks for all the great reporting, and the laughs. Cheers also to Aaron - I'm sure you'll keep the spirit alive.

Best of luck, sirs.


If you achieve this much in 14 months on a fun basis, just think what you can do when you get serious.
Best of luck, but you wont need it!

Another WOW!

It's a shame to see you go Nick and I wish you all the best with whatever you set out to do. You turned TW into almost a cult in 14 months - way to go.

Aaron, I cannot think of anyone better to take over the helm of TW. Good luck!

Wow. Best of luck with

Wow. Best of luck with Performancing Nick. With Aaron on board, TW's definitely in good hands. No really, I mean it :)

Thanks for your efforts this

Thanks for your efforts this year Nick, I really learned a lot from Threadwatch - and it was a major timesaver for me too. Threadwatch will thrive with Aaron I'm sure. Congrats to both of you!

I think I just shit myself....

Just started hanging around here a few weeks ago and now Nick up and runs.

Was it my breath?

Was it my idiotic comments?

Fucking hell...

Good luck Nick and Aaron - you'll both need it ;)


As nobody else seems to want to point it out *cough*

Warning: This is *not* a polite happy-go-lucky me-too post.

... or perhaps everyone just disagree, I don't know... I'm a bit emotional for personal reasons (unrelated to TW, or anything www), so my reaction is strong (as in no filter and next to no politeness), but at least it's honest, and i bother to write it in stead of just moving on.

Added: I just have to say up front, that Nick, you did a great job with this site. Second-to-none. I also have to say that I believe Aaron could do a great job with it as well. Apart from that, I'm still shocked.

There has been lots of umming and ahhing on my part as I've struggled to work out my time and commitments
(Nick, above)


Nick, IMHO you "umm and ahh" far too silently for the rest of us to hear you. I would have helped if I knew. Others would probably too. Now it's too late. And you've got a new toy, so who really cares about those bastards still typing away at the old TW-dot-org...

Where were the friday foo posts? What happened to guest bloggers? What happened to our blogs (the informal ones we had in the start, before a limited number of high-profile guest bloggers was introduced)? Hey, you had so many options to post less yourself and open the community more, but in stead you wanted premoderation (= making it harder for us to help out).


Just a few days ago I almost pissed off Nick royally for spreading his ressources so thinly, and that's only two-three sites (to my knowledge). Still got that post in the drawer, but the essence is written above.

( EDIT : As explained in my post below, I deleted a small section here, as that one could only be interpreted the wrong way )

Nick, you're perhaps more of a developer type guy than a operator/maintainer, so you're probably not the kind of guy that would stick to one site forever. That's perfectly okay, as people are different, but still I feel very much abandoned right now.

Actually I feel fucking stupid for contributing to the success of others (user generated content and all) when all they do is to find a new toy and then sell it... Nick, you've sold my posts, man - and you didn't even bother to ask?

Well, I guess they're legally mine, so I can just ask Aaron to delete them, but really that's not the point.

I too am going to have to work on consolidating some of my efforts and sites. I have about 15 sites about search and that can't be good for most of them!
(Aaron, above)

*cough* *cough*

So I recently set up a bunch of new websites and wanted to link out to...
(Aaron, here)

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Aaron, please don't take offence, but you might want to put that "bunch of sites" on one scale and a successful Threadwatch on the other. Want to milk the cow, eat it, or just kill it? Or grow it to be bigger?

Imho, you better dump that bunch of sites. And put a great big [ADV] on this thread, and this one with the nice mention of Myriad search too. The first one always seemed suspicious to me(*), but the second was actually credible even though I knew Myriad was yours and you didn't tell... until the moment I read this thread. There's a fine line, you know, and the audience here can spot advermation and advertainment better than anyone, I believe.

Dang. Sometimes I feel so tired. And actually I like both of you guys. AFAIK, that is. So, good luck to you both. I honestly mean that, regardless of the rest of this post.

I'll hold back on posting a little until I can see to which side the scales will tip.

Just don't make me discover that I've helped generate income, readership, or street credits for you guys without getting anything in return. Without being taken seriously, even. It so pisses me off when people do that.

You may tell me to "wake up" and "get real" now.
(*) Suspicious as a thread, not suspicious posters or -posts. I don't doubt these people actually mean what they say, but try reading it again, and while doing so, replace every mention of the SEO book with some other product, say, "claus' poker guide" - I take it the penny will drop pretty quick.

big shoes

Based on other comments it seems there are rather large shoes to fill

...as for you and Threadwatch - sorry, Nick, but you are Threadwatch.org.
...I come here to read you no one else ...
...the big differentiator and appeal of TW was that it was pretty much nick's blog, with the occasional post from someone else, and a lot of good commenting...

Fookin ell!

Have you given Aaron a course in swearing and use of the word 'wanker'?

Good luck Aaron and congratulations.

So long ... kind of

I'll see you at the next roadshow Nick. Dittos to everything all the 61 comments before me said.

So Aaron... can you PLEASE EXTEND the expiration date on cookies on this site? I feel like such an idiot b/c I only just now noticed that I wasn't logged in b/c the cookie expired and was linking to this thread AND this thread is totally different if you are logged in.

I think you have some good

I think you have some good points

[ADV] on this thread

Yeah. I need to update that page soon (at least as soon as I can figure it out! I just found the how to edit it page, but do not have permissions set up to edit it yet. It will happen soon though. Worst come to worst I can bug Nick to put a quick ADV up on it.)

Along with knowing that Nick would likely be posting less, the transparency related issues in relation to selling a product that Nick believed in was a real downside in buying TW because he gave me the most in depth review I have ever had, and a better one than money could buy. Heck, some people like Danny even mentioned that review when Nick did it.

mention of Myriad search too.

I was just trying to be honest with that mention...I used that tool heavily for that purpose. I should probably say that my friend created it (will put a disclaimer in the thread real quick), but there is no biz model behind that site. I created it to be useful and use it / recommend it because I like it.

So I recently set up a bunch of new websites and wanted to link out to...

*cough* *cough* *cough*

After about 2-3 days of those sites existing a friend / partner will be in charge of content development.

oh well, what the hell...

Best of luck with whatever you're doing. :)


I'll hold back on posting a little until I can see to which side the scales will tip.

This is not a shitty lovefest type of thing but I hope you don't. You are definitely one of the funniest and smartest people who post here regularly. I alwaaaaays enjoy reading you....

Aw, man...

I'd already had a rough day and didn't need more change. I hate change. And even though I know Aaron's name, I don't feel like he's my bloggy stranger friend. I come to this site every day when doing my rounds. It's one of my favorite places to get the new and happenin' news. I hope the site continues to thrive and that you find success in your new endeavor.

Aaron, could you cuss more? It would make it feel more like home. Thanks.

Thanks Nick W for creating a

Thanks Nick W for creating a great concept and good choice with Aaron. Best wishes to both.


that wasn't aimed at Nick or Aaron, just at all you 'mericans and other nationalities so gamely trying to uphold the TW tradition of swearing and general abuse :D

Everything evolves. We can teach Aaron to swear proper. This place has been mentored and shaped by Nick and he'll be missed but ultimately its what we make it...

I agree entirely Gurtie,

I agree entirely Gurtie, this place should be exactly what it's members make it. I hope that's one of the areas that really comes through with the new ownership. Perhaps a change is as good for the membres as it will be for me :)

and claus, im sorry you feel that way.


Thanks everyone that's shown so much support for aaron in this thread. I told him last night that the people commenting in this thread were his absolute CORE members, the most important people in TW, and I stand by that. Who spoke in here, in support of aaron, and me (to lesser importance) gives a pretty good indication of who I at least, think he should spend his time and effort working to please.

For me, this thread speaks volumes about TW is Soooooo many ways.

Thankyou all, and good luck with the change, i don't think you'll need much, but good luck anyway.



Well, All I can say is - "Firetruck!"

Late to the wake

Bollocks. The most upsetting thing about all of this? The fact that it has taken, what, 70 posts, before the word bollocks has been used. Aaron, good move, Nick, good luck, and thanks.

Hey, best of luck as well

Hey, best of luck as well Nick - you've built something great here, so I hope you can make your other projects as successful.


... I did put a disclaimer on the post, but still I apologize if I offended you guys (Nick, Aaron). Especially comparing this place to that other forum was out of bounds - I'll just delete that part. It made sense at the time of writing (as contrasted to the recent thread about a third forum with a quite different type of ownership), but in hindsight it can only be interpreted one way, and that is the wrong way. Sorry about that.

The rest, of course, will stand. While my opinions are sometimes out of the ordinary, they're still my opinions.

Anyway: Of course Nick's free to spend his time on whatever he chooses, and if Performancing's it then Performancing's it. Also, I think Aaron can probably do a great job here. Good luck to you both.

Oh, and I'm glad that you see my point Aaron. Makes me feel a bit better about this whole thing already :-)

I think it is great that

I think it is great that Aaron is the guy taking over. He is very competent and I look forward to his insight on TW.

Good luck

>> the people commenting in this thread were his absolute CORE members, the most important people in TW

OK, I'd better say something in the thread then :)

Good luck, Nick. And Aaron.

Thanks for keeping it


Best wishes to Aaron as well.

Good luck guys

Nick, you've made this place a treat to hang around. Aaron, I'm sure you will keep it going.

I'm sure Aaron knows how to cuss

He served on a US Navy Submarine for 5.5 years. Ever heard the saying "Cuss like a sailor?"

looks pretty cool.

what's ironic is that i clicked an ad for it the other day and didn't realize you were connected with the project at first. heh.

anyway, best of luck. ;)

Best wishes

A new chapter begins ... best wishes to everyone.

Good luck

Well, things have changed significantly already. I only found this thread as a consequence of noticing those changes.

Nick *deserves* an outlet with more financial potential than Threadwatch. No argument there. Aaron's one of the good guys, and I'm sure the site will prosper under his guidance.

However, I can already see how much of Nick's own character defined Threadwatch, and in my mind it's definitely the end of an era.


Totally missed this thread, but I knew something was up after a looong weekend when my TW email alerts were coming from Aaron's address and ending up in my spam box. Say what? So I've whitelisted that one, just as I had to do with Nick's email. What kind of a spam catcher calls this stuff spam?

Anyway, great luck to you, Nick. I remember appreciating your posts during that short stint when you were moderating at WMW and then you announced this thing called Threadwatch. I had no clue what you were up to, but had this feeling I should sign on. I think I'm user 21 or something, which makes me feel proud to have recognized quality/potential so early. :) And even prouder to be right about it. TW rocks. You'll be missed.

Aaron, congrats to you, as well. Curses aside, I don't think we expect you to be Nick, but please do feel free to be yourself and put your personality into TW as much as you can. Personality is what has separated TW from the rest since day one. (Quite a year for you ... the Nittany Lions and now this?) :-)

Craziness - congrats are in order, I suppose

Nick, this is an incredible "place" you've built here. Aaron - I don't know you from anything but forum posts (been meaning to drop you an email), however, I'm 100% confident that this "place" is still in great hands.

Congrats on the move, Nick - Performancing seems like an incredible venture, and with this as backdrop for the kind of success you'll achieve with that one...well, I'm sure the rest of us tagging along virtually will be impressed.

I'll be back when I'm done mourning

This really sucks, Nick...and Performancing looks damnably dull.
Guess I'll be back when I've had time to get over it...
Sorry Aaron, you're gonna be great, I'm sure...but...


what happened to "We are Family" ;)

SisterSledge is da bomb

I kind of concur as TW is the local pub with things stapled on all the walls and top dart scores scrawled on the ceiling while Performancing is an overly polished yuppie bar.

I prefer the local pub ;)

Thanks guys, I'm not sure

Thanks guys,

I'm not sure Performancing is a yuppie bar, but it's certainly not the pub that this place most definately is :)

Although my schedule is booked solid, I'm in Chicago at SES next week and will be speaking on tuesday at 1pm - so if anyone's there and wants to say hi, please do!

See you there Nick!

Wow, Nick, really, you'll be in Chicago? Cool, I can finally meet you!

And I too am mourning because I have pretty much less than zero interest in blogging so I don't expect I'll be looking much at Performing. This place just cannot be the same without Nick. :(

Come to think of it...I think I'm speaking opposite of you then on Tues...but I have to check on that to be sure. I'm sure we can meet up in the bar at some point!


Put my head down to do work for a few days, and up I come to find this? Sheesh. Same feeling I had when the Florida Update hit. I don't like change either. Not this kind anyway.

Only good thing about this is seeing that Aaron was the choice. AW, you know you got one major fan here. Good on you mate. ;-)

One thing: AFAIK, you don't HAVE TO swear to keep this place cool. I don't giave a rat's ass if you swear or don't swear, as long as enough others do. :)

all the best Nick

Well done.


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