Jack of All Asses


So I was working my way around the web, and I saw Threadwatch: Yet another Sellout, where David Krug, who apparently likes reading blogs while taking a shit, posted:

It seems like everyone is selling these days. Nick Wilson the former owner of Threadwatch has sold it to Aaron Wall.


Honestly though we wish you luck Nick with Performancing. It’s become a favorite read of mine when I am on the toilet.

What a mean spirited jackass.


wankers abound

wankers abound

Heh... looks like Aaron is

Heh... looks like Aaron is going to be a great new owner of this site.. nice post dude :)

If AdSense were more contextually relevant...

...it would be showing toilet ads on David's site.


he's entitled to his opinion but I worry about anyone who takes their laptop to the toilet :)

what's wrong with taking

what's wrong with taking your laptop with you whilst you have a pony?

Is a smilie allowed...

...for the occasion?


Aaron you've taken to using nofollow on the links already?


...I'm sure that's a glitch...

Reading blogs on the

Reading blogs on the toilet?!? What an awesome idea. I'm going to install an old laptop (with one of those saran wrap keyboard covers) in the bathroom for this purpose. No more dirty magazines.. nope.

"Are you all right in there?"

"Yeah, I'm blogging & logging"

>nofollow Just that


Just that once...they are rare...if everyone here does not want them used I can remove it. I was just trying to make the code say the same thing that the text was... sorta like a "yes David Krug, you really are an ass..."

I mean when the guy is that far off base and posting on the crapper how can we trust his content quality and vote for him? :)

nofollows - I'm sure getting sick of them

Probably a discussion for elsewhere, but seems every blogger and their dog uses nofollows on every link. Takes some of the fun out of commenting/trackbacks.

I thought the point was to help kill comment spam, but now people seem to use as an easier way to be lazy about approving comments/trackbacks. Or just to avoid sending any link love. Is a single link that powerful? I'd prefer to see fewer nofollows, but that one seems justified.

My wife already makes fun of me for being so geeky - no music on my iPod, just SEO rockstars and the daily Searchcast. If I started blogging from the loo I'd never hear the end of it. (maybe I can sneak a blackberry in there and blog off that...)


"What a mean spirited jackass."

You'll take over nicely for Nick W. -- I mean that in a sincere and pleased way.

Congratulations Aaron!

I can’t think of a better person to own Threadwatch. Best of luck to you!

Someone say linkbait... :)

Someone say linkbait... :)

iPod > SEO rockstars

Glad I'm not the only one.

shucks, even his own network thinks he is a piece of garbage :(

Unfortunately the Jack of All Asses has been suspended. His site is to be removed from the interweb:

There is simply too much hate going on lately around the web and it is of my opinion that JOAB is the root of all this evil.

I am very close to posting the emails that I have exchanged with Cowboy publicly to show the world what he says about certain individuals. It amazes me that there is so much hate in one individual and if I would’ve known it was going to come to this I would have created a website for him other than JOAB. Maybe I would call it thatevilmotherfuckroverthere.com.


Just say no. It's nice to see someone stepping up to do the right thing.

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