[Update] Day 1: MySQL Server Dies...


[Update: I believe the MySQL database now works properly. What a day :) ]

Sorry about the downtime. ThreadWatch is on a dedicated box with Seo Book and the MySQL server randomly died on the first day. Still working on having the host resolve some MySQL errors. If you enter a comment it posts, but brings you to a crazy error screen.

Serves me right for posting a glowing recommendation of the host earlier today :)


Good to see you have it

Good to see you have it sorted out mate :)

ermm whilst posting the

ermm whilst posting the above comment (that obviously got through) I got a dodgy error message. It seems there are still some MySQL problems mate

what a horrible first

what a horrible first hosting day :(

It is the same host and box SEO Book has been on for like a year

Just like Christmas morning

Give the kid a new toy and a couple of hours later he's broken it :-)

And you haven't been helped ...

..by a routing problem from Europe to USA. I have only been occasionally able to get into TW in the last 12 hours, and often there are lots of posts when it has been down from here.

Him up there sending down the occasional thunderbolt to make life interesting

And I get error message when I posted that too.

Like Jason I got "Fatal error: " (I don't think you really want to know the rest of the message)

yeah, i'm getting the error

yeah, i'm getting the error too (just now). i got one last friday at a time when the server load HAD to be almost non-existant. ummm, so now that tw has moved twice and the mysql errors have moved right along with it...

Let's spin the wheel

... and see if I get a SQL bonus prize too!


Everything went as expected and very fast, so far so good.

Should be fixed now

For some reason, the custom 404's were running away with themselves - litterally millions of records in the watchdog table - i had to delete the whole thing and recreate it.

Im hoping very, very much that when i hit submit now, i wont get a fucking error, cos i should really be in bed :)

--- 2secs later


There's something about

There's something about Threadwatch and MySQL that doesn't go well together - Aaron, keep an eye out that Drupal isn't filling up one of the drives.


As far as I can tell, there haven't been any updates to the RSS feed for a couple of days, just to add to your problems ;)


And now, its crashing my upgraded FF1.5


OK, I should not have upgraded to FF1.5, but..

TW and your own site are both crashing my FF 1.5 (consistently)

No other of the sites I use regularly are doing this. I can get in happily on my other computer which has the old version of FF, or on this one with IE

I think managed server

I think managed server tweaks are likely a necessity at this point. Off to have server tweaked by server people...

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