Are We Ready for the RSS Love Fest?


In a rather short amount of time, we've seen some big players confess that they plan on embracing RSS:

  • Yahoo is now integrating RSS into its email application, in the hopes of making email the hub for RSS (see Slashdot)
  • Sony's latest firmware release to PSP included an RSS reader (see Macworld)
  • MSFT is looking to build upon the whole RSS movement with SSE, a technology that could offer greater functionality than what RSS currently does (see Threadwatch)

Read/Write Web has a great post on the topic as well, and notes Google's failure to succeed on this front.

This all begs the question: can RSS really go mainstream? I've always been skeptical, but with the big players pushing it so hard, it's starting to seem more and more possible. And if it does go mainstream, what are the marketing implications? And if Google doesn't start playing catch up real soon, could this be the disruption that brings the behemoth down?