.eu coming soon. .xxx not, err, coming soon


From BBC News - Rush expected on EU domain name

Information society and media commissioner Viviane Reading said she expected hundreds of thousands of bodies to apply in the first few days.

The .eu domain will "become as important for European business as .com", she added.

... does anyone agree with that statement?

As regards .xxx, it's off the table and off the horizon, for now. From the Register:

ICANN kills .xxx porn domain

ICANN chairman Vint Cerf stunned an open meeting of the governmental advistory committee (GAC) in Vancouver late on Tuesday when he announced that the whole issue had been pulled from the Board meeting agenda - where it had been the first topic of discussion.


Point of Order

Please change title to - .eu coming soon. .xxx not, err, cuming soon

TIA ;)

Purlease ...

Don't think I didn't think about it, but, lordy boy, I don't done had no korfee yet. You just posted in a thread calling for less bollocks, ferchrissakes!

The "pun" was noted as it is now...

...no need to startle the respectable few who didn't get it (too late now, eh?)

I guess the failure of .xxx is maybe for the best. Who knows what would happen if some of my domains got a .xxx TLD to compete with all of a sudden. The way the SEs work at the moment, I would be a little bit concerned, yes.

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