Apple's New Cheap Laptop


The Times have a write up on Apple's new cheap laptop. It has been leaked by the guys Apple has sued before, Think Secret, and you will find the tech details on their site.

"Apple is planning to release its first entry-level iBook laptops with Intel processors next January ... highly reliable sources have confirmed".... Think Secret suggests that American prices could be lowered by around $200.


Nice Price Break

Now if it only ran Windows....

Emulators just don't cut it

It's like going to Disney World to see the Abe Lincoln animatronic, it may look like good old Abe but it's a pale replica of the original.


A few years ago when I put a PC emulator on my Mac, I felt ... unclean.

I hate Mac/PC debates, but...

a pale replica of the original

Bill, are you referring to Windows emulators or Windows itself? :-)

Windows Emulator

Don't even get me started as Macs, just like Windows, emulate the Xerox Star so they're both copycats.

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