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Link Development in a Box: What do you want in Link Dev Software?
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I'm sure a lot of the uber link development tools are not going to be available to the general population anytime soon, but if you are developing your own software in house it is nice to have a little inspiration on what functionality would be best to build in. Had the pleasure of meeting neuron in Vegas, and as this thread illustrates, he was definitely born to link. There's a few nice suggestions in here already, and hopefully some folks will contribute some other gems for when you go to build your ultimate link development tool.


Very nice list in msg8

That's a very cool list of searches from nueron in msg8 eh? Nice catch stuntdubl, thanks :-)

If i could have a tool do all of that, and then put all of the links in some easy to use format for handchecking, i'd be a happy man...

If you had the tool

to do all that, you'd be a rich, rich person.

Still, message 8 is worth having, as it updates my previous list with a couple of new variants. Already threadwatch is proving useful to me, yay.


Any chance of adding to that list wibblewobble? :-)

I only wish!

my list was paltry by comparison, grifted early this year from WMW, which this probably was too. The new list appears to just be someone's expanded version of that same data.

Other variants I had been using - "join directory" or "add to directory" and so on are all caught by the various permutations there. I kind of wonder why I didn't think of truncating them to the better forms myself, actually.

Another idea to add

Try searching for the "powered by:" or other default footprints left by some of the more well known directories.

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