Branson to Create Uber Media Co.


Richard Branson is set to merge Virgin with NTL cable.

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur, is set to transform the British TV and telecoms landscapes by merging Virgin Mobile with NTL, the cable company. The move will create an entertainment and communications giant worth £4.5bn and with more than 9m customers.

Om Malik also mentioned the four play, which will be branded as Virgin.


Yes ...

I just read about that. It looks like Branson is stepping into the all-media venue. More competition for the others. As I see it, we're witnessing a huge convergence of media and the Web.

I thought he was going to

I thought he was going to leave Briton if labour got in power? Heh, not a man of his word and never trust a man with a beard. What they hiding under there?

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