Kanoodle Pays for Cookie Distribution


ClickZ news running a piece entitled 'Kanoodle Pays for Cookie Distribution'

Kanoodle expects the program to be particularly attractive to small niche publishers with a targeted audience but limited pageviews, Perlson said. Since publishers do not have to serve Kanoodle's ads to participate, he also expects the program to appeal to sites with existing ad serving relationships, or to e-commerce sites that are wary of showing ads on their site that might distract users from completing a sale.

And this from Kanoodle, talking about their BrightAds Cookies:

If you don't want to run our listings, but still want to get paid for creating a great site, BrightAds cookies is for you. Add our code to your page, and we'll drop cookies, so when a user visits another site in the Kanoodle network, we can show them ads that will appeal to them. Our advertisers pay us for clicks and we in turn pay you a share.

First thing that crosses my mind is 'how does that sit with AdSense?'.


What time is it?

Is it 1984?

People are really going to get paid to allow Kanoodle to track their visitors and build their database?

Does Kanoodle really have

Does Kanoodle really have enough publishers for this to work? I can't remember the last time I saw a BrightAd ad unit.

I pay Girl Scouts for COOKIE distribution

They sell some of the tastiest cookies - probably why my ass is the size of Nebraska

FWIW I had Kanoodle on a high traffic page for 3 days just to see how well they paid and it was abysmal. Fastclick isn't great but I made more with Fastclick in half a day than I did with Kanoodle in 3 days.

Needless to say, Kanoodle is no long on any of my pages.

Interesting idea

It really is an interesting idea, however I share the concern about how this will sit when it comes to Adsense.

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