Randfish's Beginners Guide to SEO


Randfish recently published a free guide to doing SEO. Some of it will be obvious to many advanced members here, but there are many good points like linkbaiting techniques, etc. Well worth a read to anyone new to the market.


Very nice!

Like Aaron's book, I think I'll include this as requisite training material for new staff and clients who'd like a high-level pass on the arena.

How will this impact your sales?

Is SEOBOOK now on the endangered specied list?

Just kidding Aaron.

Good point, Incredibill. I

Good point, Incredibill. I should make sure to point to your book at the end of the guide, Aaron - for those thirsty for the detailed version. Certainly am not intending to take away from that market!

Excellent resource

I am sure even Mr. Cutts will link to that one.

Mr. Wall

Gheesh, I send you the heads up on this and you fail to mention my recent interview of Rand?

Are we all like Seagulls pecking at the same fish? ;-)

Yes indeed, his guide will be good to refer newbies to.

Holy crap, dude. The guide

Holy crap, dude. The guide just got Slashdotted...

Mr. Pratt - thanks for the interview. I'll post the link - http://www.seobuzzbox.com/interview-rand-fishkin.html

I wish you luck with Buzzbox; I'll make sure to blog on it once I can connect to my server again :D

Linkage and Ports

Ah yes, this is a very good thing Mr. Fishkin, thank you. We always email Mr. Wall when we do a new interview and if he doesn’t connect to a port we go out into the marketing matrix to find others who will. Linkage is what powers our mothership...


Where the the idiots gather to talk about technology. The "discussion" they have on there concerning your article is very informed and enlightening.


I think I started to chime in there once but the thread had so many inane comments that I fled for fear I'd be lumped in with the rest of the speed bumps posting there.


Ah yes, but even a link with an underscore in it has it's value...

all right what's with all

all right what's with all the "Mr." stuff?? Makes me nostalgic for the old days when the word wanker was thrown about just for good measure.


Ha, sorry...just a little bored, I promise to good.

Rand, congrats on the

Rand, congrats on the Slashdotting. That is an awesome lead in to the Guide.

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