The Google 'test' datacentre


I know, I know, datacentre watching, yadda yadda. But, but, a while ago Mr Cutts referred to a test one ( that was out there in a dusty corner, and that said results may well show up a month or so down the line. Well, in the current update thread (the last post), some people have said they've seen these results in the wild. And they are different.

Sorry. But it is a thread. And I watched it.


for those of us whos ISP has

for those of us whos ISP has nothing better to do than abuse WMW and thus prevent us visiting this valuable resource, could you give us a clue what we're meant to be looking at?

Do we have to stop using vowels in order t scp th sndbx nw r smthng?


I sure hope this is the future coming as my site moved up on my primary keyword from #9 to #6 and the secondary keywords are equally as impressive.

I'm #5 on MSN, have been #1 on ASK/TEOMA since they existed, only fell out of favor on Yahoo recently after being in top 10 for years (#75 u asses???), omg this could still be a merry f'n xmas.

Probably just a cruel hoax.

No need to go there Gurtie

WMW, that is; it's just a few folk saying that the results on the datacentre are being seen on already. Here are some quotes from GG regarding said DC:

that's not a part of Jagger. Think of that as an experimental data center sitting off in corner. :)

Eventually some of the stuff at the data center may come in to play, but it would be a months kinda timeframe, not a days or weeks kinda timeframe.

What's with all this

What's with all this testing? Google saving searches and making them publicly available is a test too?

That reseller guy makes me

That reseller guy makes me laugh. He got on my nerves at first but now I got used to him. Yes I been to that one too. I think he should be the mod of the google data centre watch forum if Tabke gives him one :)

Holy Cow!

In the sober light of day I see Google's test server now claims my site has 273,000 pages while the production server claims I only have 159,000 pages. I estimate it's more like 60K pages but Yahoo claims a nice under count of 29,600 pages and MSN has only trolled 16,445 pages.


For the terms I just checked

For the terms I just checked that looks like the serps that were showing about 4 weeks ago in terms of both positions and creatives (ie Title's / Meta Descriptions)

can we start a data centre

can we start a data centre thread here too ;)

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