The Header Here Sucks [Part II]

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You don't want to see a 7 year old THAT angry
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Whilst Daughter accepts that the kerning was somewhat radical she has asked me to point out that the aim of it was that the "L" in signal lined up with the "D" in threadwatch.

Original logo

New logo [this is the one that doesn't line up :)]



I've actually committed ritual hari-kiri over this one, having only read as far as "poo brown" in the original thread and not to the point where it was revealed that the logo was by your daughter...

What's worse it that I feel a certain bond, having sat for a memorable 90 minutes in the pouring rain at the City ground, grown up through those Bank Holiday weekends in Southend and Clacton and being a deep Paul Weller fan.


Im sure NFFC's daughter will forgive you stever :-)

thanks for re-doing it, what does daughter think now NFFC?

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