Business Week Axes Asian and European Editions to Focus on the Web


McGraw Hill who owns Business Week has decided to shut down it's Asian and European print versions of the magazine to focus it's efforts on the online versions. McGraw Hill News Release

"We have decided to create robust, customized Asian and European versions of our popular BusinessWeek Online Web site, while delivering a single global edition of BusinessWeek magazine instead of providing separate regional versions," said Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief of BusinessWeek. "We are taking this action to harness the growing power of the Web globally and to serve readers and advertisers in a more timely, efficient, and targeted way."

On the Business Week blog they have this to say:

One thing's for sure: the ratio is changing here, as less of our work goes out on paper, and more of it online.

Have the combination of conventinal websites, blogs, and RSS finally reached the tipping point?