2005 Search Blog Awards


The Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Best of Search Blogs Awards nominations are in. You can vote here.

My favorite category?

Which search employee is most likely to flame you for spamming?
Jeremy Zawodny on Altas Onepoint
Matt Cutts on blog spam software testimonials



I've so been flaming spammers more than Jeremy. :)


I wouldn't want to piss Mr. Zawodny off in traffic, but at the same time I also wouldn't want to be a criminal in Mr. Cutts neighborhood. There is a rumor going around that Matt wears ninja socks... ;)


Matt said:

I've so been flaming spammers more than Jeremy. :)

I gotta agree with Matt here...

Matt wears ninja socks...

I heard it was South Park(Cartman) under-roos... ;-)

How can they expect people

How can they expect people to give every blog a score?

Anyone who reads every single one of those blogs often enough to score it has far too much time on their hands.

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