Xmas parties: avoid sex, drugs and booze


Happily I am self employed and employ nobody either, but this is a real "lawyers approach" on how to avoid problems with the staff Christmas party .Peace on earth and "Happy Holidays" to one and all from your corporate lawyer. Apparently..

Around 80 per cent of British bosses will not organise an office party this Christmas, in part due to legal hangovers from fighting and flirting at past events.


oh wow

at our office party last night we played truth or dare, our Venezualan programmer taught us to lambada and I seem to remember my new boss doing something creative with the daisies from my fancy dress outfit after the third round of slammers.

Political correctness and accountability has gone mad...

Boss, for men

Gurtie, I thought you were your new boss? :)


no I was my old boss :) My new boss does a way better Sid Vicious impression than I do and I don't have to pay the bar bill any more :D

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