For the good of the many sometimes the few have to go...

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For the good of the many sometimes the few have to go...
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Interesting tussle, involving ihelpyou again, has led to a few posts getting nuked. No blame on the forum, in fairness the posts had to go *but* there comes a point when one member can negatively impact the forum experience of many, many members. That's the time to say "thanks but STFU and don't post again".


I agree

I find it rather sad really, i have no axe to grind with Doug Heil. I love to have a bout with him now and again but genuinely no bad feelings for the guy.

He's just disrupted a really neat thread again though.. Now, back in the day when i modded over at wmw you'd not be being unfair to say i was perhaps over sensitive on occasion. But IHU? takes it too a whole new level..

Sidenote: I got deleted over at SEW for calling Shari Thurow a BITCH. I didnt throw my usual raging fit and am very proud of myself lol!

Looks like I missed the fun t

Looks like I missed the fun this time and didn't get to see the deleted posts.

But Nick, you can blame me for getting your bitch post removed. I'm the one that brought it to their attention. They didn't seem to really mind it, which I found quite strange!

But seriously, it was unnecessary, imo. Or maybe I'm just sensitive to the B word ;)


High Rankings

I didnt mind in the slightest ;-)

Alls fair in love and war jill, i was surprised it stayed that long, they hadnt missed it (as elisabeth said they did), they just got the jitters when you complained ;-)

I saw your post, no problem...


The B Word

I am a bit sensitive about that word as well. Been called it once and almost starting weeping.

Girls are strange ;-) I ju

Girls are strange ;-)

I just see it as the female equiv of B'stard....

and jill? - you had a SITE with that word in the title....

but hey, not here to upset anyone.. (er... well, that's not strictly true but you know what i mean..)

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