Tracks Blogs, Adds User Generated Content


Not too long ago we mentioned NewsVine, a fledgling news start up that allows users to comment on the news. just relaunched, offering the same feature, plus the ability to track the top blogged news stories.

Silicon Beat has the scoop:

Tolles and Skrenta are the first to acknowledge that the current crop of citizen journalism sites has not lived to up to its promise. Readers are not contributing to the sites in significant numbers; often when you visit one, it feels like walking into an empty room.

Part of the problem, Skrenta and Tolles say, is these sites don't have enough traffic. Topix does have traffic - five million unique visitors a month - though it's wide and shallow, spread across many thousands of categories.

Do they have any chance of creating active topical communities? When and how should they deal with the inevitable noise and trolls?



- i thought they would pick up on the area any day now, but adding comments, that's one thing I didn't expect them to do. It will be very interesting to watch how this pans out.

I've seen other attempts at doing this that didn't turn out well. Mainly because you don't want to comment at the aggregators place, where the likelihood that the original author will see your comment is small.

On the other hand, it works in a place like this (although strictly speaking TW isn't an "aggregator"), so perhaps...



yawn. (yet another web news)

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