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Since everyone's favorite Googler Matt Cutts is on a bit of tear lately, exposing link networks, devaluing paid texts and exposing assclown SEO cloaking (his words not mine) we got to thinking maybe he's run out of positive subjects to blog about. So we'd like to hear what are the top five subjects or questions you'd like to see Matt talk about on his blog. Now to be clear we didn't run this by Matt first and aren't even sure he's willing to cooperate, but we're going to give it a shot anyway. Here are the rules:

  • Be polite and respectful, no editorializing, opinions or comments (except from Matt). We just want up to 5 questions or subjects you'd like to see Matt discuss on his blog.
  • No site specific questions or outing of other people's websites (unless it's really juicy).
  • Be clear and concise, don't meander about needlessly.
  • If you don't play nice I will hack your comments without mercy.



My #1 question would be 'How YOU doin?' but that got deleted on WMW and I suspect won't fare much better here :).

So let's be serious. I'd be interested in some business and functionality type comments on Alexa's new move to allow access to it's crawl - and Google's postion on this as well. I'd love to see Google provide better access through it's API.

How do you find time to

How do you find time to engineer stuff with all these conferences and blogging you do?

The canonical page problem...

..can it ever be solved?

Do Google have any desire to..

..remove scraper sites publishing AdSense?

Actually, I love what he's

Actually, I love what he's been doing. I'd like to see him talk more about links that don't pass value - what kinds do and don't, what patterns make it obvious you're manipulating, etc.

I think the more he reveals in this arena, the more SEO becomes valuable.

I'd also love to hear about sites that he really likes - content, links, trust, etc. and what he likes about them.

Finally, it would be very cool to have Matt talk about the technical reasons why placing 7 instances of your keyword on the page provides no more value than 6 instances. I want to hear him mention term vector theory or tf*idf or document length normalization so every yahoo (not the company, the numbskulls) that argues about it can have a nice place to reference (apparently Mr. Baeza-Yates' book isn't good enough).

Great idea for a post gang.

Webmaster tools

This ain't really a top five question, just one of the things I've been pondering since reading Matt's text link follow up thread yesterday.

The point he made about the two clicks from Jeremy's blog to the lesbian gay sex position site that might have some scraped content nicely correlates with "Don't link to bad neighborhoods," and "Webmasters are responsible for everything on their site."

Take the average webmaster. I want to link to It looks like a good site and has information that complements mine and might be of interest to my visitors. It also has 5,000 pages of content.

How do I suss out the 1, 10 or 100 pages that have squirrelly links? That's more than a full-time job.

So, how 'bout a little helping hand here? The information is there to build a "linkto" or "outlink" search syntax. I've always wondered why this facility hasn't been enabled by any SE.


1. Has google decided that a better way to correct search engine algo errors is to have someone like Matt Cutts go around pointing out bad SEO ?

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This is not my post or my question, either restore my original post or delete this parody of what I wrote.

lots0, decent my boy. I

lots0, descent my boy. I think it will be your ass that is whipped. Although I agree on the last one for sure.

If it's good enough for Jeremy...

Matt, how much for a link from your blog?

Matt, how much for a link

Matt, how much for a link from your blog?

With the nofollow discount, of course.



You'r every busy and have a rather known perspective on website optimization. You have said that you are but one of many at the Gplex who interact with the public. How about naming some names? When I look I don't find them accessible... I don't see them on the boards, I don't see any handles revealed as Gplex spokespeople, and I don't see any official contact info either. (Of course I am not mentioning the comic strip character..what was her name, GoogleGirl?)

Matt, please define "Relevancy" as it pertains to links.

That would clear up a very grey area for SEO's.


Can you tell us about your socks?

Who is *cough* GoogleGuy :D

Who is *cough* GoogleGuy :D

What spam technique, when

What spam technique, when you first saw it, made you go, "Oh my god, that is soooooooo clever!"


Cool, and crap. I just did a post about my recent interviews, how I was getting burnt out, and probably everybody is sick to death of hearing "Matt says...". Then I come over here and there's all these great questions. Dang you, Graywolf! ;) I'd even pointed to Aaron Pratt's interview of you before I came over.

Keep throwing good questions in. I'll get to them eventually, but it may take some frequent pinging. I'm 74 emails behind at work and gotta actually do some, you know, work. :)

What's Next Matt?

Ok Matt, so now your GOOG shares are worth like 10 billion dollars. Let's pretend you get sacked tomorrow for selling links on your blog with no condom on, maybe your adsense scrapper sites get outted or something...

Then what - clearly with your profile and experience, every search related company in town would love to hire you. Pick one. Who do YOU think would be the most exciting search/seo company to work for? And No, you can't just go and beg for your old job back.

Local search and the small town

My question for Matt-
There is a phenomenon in rural areas (that are turning to Google en masse becuase of their limited access to resources), where large crapola directories are being heavily favored over real at-the-source directories. In my neighborhood, there is a particular site that ranks at the top for every town name in maine, yet the content they provide is almost nonexistant. My question specific does google plan on getting on their journey toward actually useful local search?

Reciprocal Links:

Are they, or some of them, being penalised or discounted and if so why and in which categories do they fall.

If search as we know it

If search as we know it (think pre gopher) didn't exist how would we be find the world's information?

What are some examples of

What are some examples of things Google has contemplated doing but has not on the grounds that they violate the company's "Do No Evil" motto?

Great question

Great question KidMercury

Can I add to it by asking, Pre and Post IPO examples please :)

Cool Search Tools

What are some cool things that you can do or find with Google that most people don't know about or use.

Conflict of Interest

How segregated are the Adsense Team and the Search Quality personnel? This is, IMO, the worst potential for internal conflicts of interest since the financial and consulting industries had to be reorganized after the likes of Arthur Anderson melted down.

Seems like you could police a metric f-load of web spam through Adsense Publisher ID's...


It's hard to think of questions that are worth asking - so here's a couple I'd actually be interested in asking Matt Cutts:

1. How difficult do you personally find it to balance Google's reported ethical idealism, when the company must subscribe to less ethical corporate values?

2. If Larry and Sergei were to die in a plane crash tomorrow, do you really believe that the idealism of the company DNA would survive against gradual corrosion by corporate influences? Hypothetically, if it couldn't, what can Google do now to prevent a future corporate Google becoming a monster that abuses it's dominant position?

presuming we won't get anything really useful...

What part of your job pisses you off most?

What do you think has been Googles biggest mistake to date?

Describe Marissa in 5 words or less.

Tell us why WMW banned the bots (just in your opinion, of course)

If Google were allowed to offer only 3 services which would they really be? (search and ads are seperate services)

I second what lancedutson

I second what lancedutson said. Having worked with local search for sometime, this has become a issue and while the not the most important I think it deserves some game plan how to deal with "authority spam" in those areas. Any comments good or bad on this issue?

Will google ever make a 301

Will google ever make a 301 count all backlinks within a month or so people who are married to a crap domain can change it with out fear of losing serps.

My Questions

1) Personalized Search - Can it ever really happen logistically? Do you ever foresee a day when you type in Apple in he search bar and the geeky tech guys will see and the health nut tree huggers will see information on apples?

2) Local Search - It seems to me that the company that can legitimately provide a local search that is helpful will have a distinct advantage. What is Google's stance on local search and what can we expect the future of this to look like?

3) Adsense fraud - How does a site that has been banned from your index be allowed to run adsense ads? How come there is little to no QC on adsense sites?

4) Marketing Crap - Do you believe all the BS spewed by the PR department over there?

5) Pet Peeves - What in this industry really pisses you off? You seem to take spammers and such in stride and it would be interesting to hear times that you sat there and were really pissed about something. Working in the safe search sector, I'd imagine there are some pretty compelling stories.

Okay, stop..

It's not five apiece, ThePhenomenal. ;) Okay, bug me once a week until I do this. Starting next week.

I have 3 questions for now :)

1) What were the first 10 sites Google linked out to(minus Stanford) and why did they deserve links?

2) I noticed you like techie gadgets and link out to commercial stores from your blog. I also know a large percentage of your readers like gadgets. If I send you a new gadget to play with (without your permission of course) along with 9 other bloggers with the goal that 1 will blog about it. This will result in direct sales and some link love. Would you consider this a “paid link” that should carry no value in the eyes of Google?

3) If a group started for people who are addicted to how search engines utilize links in their algothrim would you be a member or a counselor? Or would you just want a recording of the conversations? ;)

I am going to pause new comments

I am going to pause new comments for a bit so Matt can have a chance of catching up with it.

Wow, lots of great questions!

Many of you have already asked what's been on my mind! :)

A few other questions (hopefully I'm not accidentally duplicating anything)...

1) Google already does a lot of outreach in the context of recruiting (pizza parties for geeks, etc.). In your opinion, what other types of outreach (beyond pure cash philanthropy) could Google be doing? (e.g., a traveling "Mom 'n' Pop / Non-Profit Site SEO Tips" van)

2) You've offered many humorous details about smacking down spammers. Do you believe there are ANY cases that merit the reverse: a 'hand-up' sort of manual tweaking of a site's ranking to better reflect (improve) where that site should be?

3) What do you most admire about Yahoo!'s search efforts? MSN's?

4) Is there a Google 20% product that you feel particularly passionate about... where you'd love to jump into the team for a month to assist... and if so, in what way?

5) Just how much are you now cursing graywolf (the original poster of this thread), and -- be honest -- have you contemplated retaliating by "accidentally" having your system replace all of his sites' SERPs snippets with elmer fudd text or worse? :D

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