Rumor: Google to Buy Opera?


So the rumor is that Google is acquiring Opera.

The string of people on this one is a bit long Gary Price points at Dirson who points at Pierre Chappaz.

Opera recently dropped licensing fees after striking compensation deals with search providers.

Anyone know French? Is this rumor true, or just a brilliant linkbait?


Maybe it's PAYBACK

For Firefox letting Yahoo! get the action in Asia.

The post was:
Firefox NOT Loyal to Google ...Yahoo! Fights for Asia

Chappaz says to treat it with caution

Selon une source généralement très bien informée, Google serait sur le point de racheter le navigateur Opera. Bien que l'information soit pour l'instant à prendre avec précaution

I read that post of Gary's a couple of hours ago, checked his sources and check the current news sources. At the moment IMO its a lightweight rumour, and only one unverified source.

Gary does say he has asked G for a comment, but none has so far arrived back to him!

They want the mobile unit.

They want the mobile unit.

Good Call Nick

I forgot about that mobile Opera stuff

An Opera official outright

An Opera official outright denied this claim, after I asked about it, saying "Rumors come and go. Google is not buying Opera."

from Opera Watch

But have you all noticed the

But have you all noticed the tendency? Google is constantly rumoured to be buying this or that browser - definitely we see movement in the direction of a Google browser and i suspect some time next year we might get to see one, even if in beta.

P.S. Aaron - I love it how you're dispersing your own rumours ;-)

Like Microsoft?

Isn't this somewhat like what Microsoft did to smaller companies back in the day? Stop in and show interest in buying the company, figure out how everything is done, then never buy it and build it themselves.

I kind of hope this isn't

I kind of hope this isn't true, I wouldn't want them to get rid of the M2 mail client in Opera and use Gmail instead!

And that Opera Watch post said they have turned down large figure offers in the past.

Would instantely make it a much more popular browser though.Then I wouldn't be one of the odd minority crowd who use it all the time :D

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