Yahoo!, where next?


In a Guardian piece entitled 'Searching for a fresher taste', journalist Bobbie Johnson speculates on the recent Y! acquisitions, with lots of talk around 'Social Search'.

"You can probably stitch together our plan from the moves we've made, the acquisitions we've made, the products we've put out to market," says Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo's senior director of technology development. That plan: to try and make social search the next stage in the evolution of search engines.

There's a lot from Horowitz, including this stab at a mission statement:

Under Horowitz that team will be charged with putting some of the creativity back into Yahoo's operation, an area where rivals have pulled ahead - at least in the eyes of the public.

"We are agents of change within the organisation," says Horowitz. "We're here to cause trouble. It's largely about innovation, it's about disruption, it's about change. It's about kind of the mortar between the products. Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Maps, Flickr - how can we knit all of those together to create some uber-applications that are extremely compelling and aren't really in the purview of any of one group to deliver?"