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Splog Detection Rate

In the next step we used our work on splog detection to detect splogs (and hence spings) among the english blogs. Our detection mechanism is close to 90% accurate.

What do the SEs claim as their detection rate?

The URL is dead for me. Any

The URL is dead for me. Any other copies ?


The Trolley Song Sping along...

splog splog splog went the trolley
sping sping sping went the bell
Zing, zing, zing went my website, as the scrapers all crawled it to Hell!

However, from what I've seen in blog searches lately the splogs may be winning at the moment.

"The URL is dead "

Jason, yes it is dead for me too, but was there earlier today.

Its worth leaving the post there, as it probably will return, and the article is very interesting.

You can see what other

You can see what other people said about the original article by checking Memeorandum.

The main gist was that 75%ish of all pings are spam, but I don't think anyone really needed any research to show that it is at least that high. Set up a couple blogs and then don't post to them for a while and watch the poker and Viagra roll in. IMHO trackbacks have been dead for a long time.

The trend is only going to get worse. More internet marketing experts are cashing in, jumping on the bandwagon endorsing garbage blog spam software.

Thanks for the link to

Thanks for the link to Memeorandum.

It seems it isn't a trackback ping they are talking about as being 75% crap but blog search style notification service pings.

Interesting :)

blog search style

blog search style notification service pings

no doubt those are out of hand as well :)

Oh dear another newly

Oh dear another newly invented sp- word...

Original article appears to

Original article appears to be offline. Well of the last 10 pings to weblogs which I human reviewed.

4 were definitely valid posts.
1 was a major company's press release, which I guess is valid
3 are aggregated/clips/cuttings from other content
1 was spam for a real estate company
1 was a borderline poker "blog"

So it depends how they define spam. But certainly they'd be correct in saying that only half were useful.

Added: I guess I should have said it was a human spreview :)
Second Thoughts: On second thoughts, nah, it hurt to even type spreview :)

This thread reinvigorated me

This thread reinvigorated me to take a look at Splog Spot from the guy that delivered Pingoat. the ping aggregation service.

a quote on his blog says:

Now a bit of Pingoat stats. Since July 22, Pingoat processed more than 1103663, yes, more than 1 million pings! But the interesting part is not that. Out of these one million+ pings, only around 63,601 were actually served. The rest were rejected either due to spam/high frequency pings.

It's a DB of what he feels are spam blogs, based on the pings he gets sent. Now things like this concern me and one test I did was for a clean (OK, OK, I know I do naughty things, but I do have clean stuff too) site of mine.

According to splogspot my clean site is a splog.

#1. It isn't a blog or any other type of site that allows user interaction
#2. It has medium/high quality human written information
#3. It has peer links from pretty much every competitor in it's space out there
#4. It ranks and has consistently ranked on all engines forever

Now I know that overall his DB isn't bad. A friend of mine set up a few spam blogs (I refuse to get into the whole sp thing) recently and within a while, he told me 30% of the splogspot DB was his new acquissitions.

Now the reality is, those were crap fake blogs so it works, but what a tool to use when and if you want your competitors banned from the blogosphere, whether it be on the blog specific search engines (I don't know if they use the DB, but will know soon enough) or from legitimate comments (and links) that query splogspot via its API.

Nice tool IMHO when thinking in a nasty way!

So what are your thoughts about abuse of seemingly well intentioned tools like this?

Jason Wow good point!


click on a few of those babies, I am finding many are not splogs at all, wtf? How lame is that? I just did a post in my blog talking about how cool pingoat is, if that is the same guy I will be removing all reference to his tools, what an ass!

THIS is exaclty what I was afraid of, good sites getting mixed in with splogs, hopefully nobody is listening to that lamer.

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