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Top position? Impossible?
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Gilgul asks how an advertiser can achieve top spot on Googles sponsored results – these are the premium slots in the horizontal band.

AdWordsRep explains how ranking is calculated and reveals the extra criteria used for allocating premium slots.

Now, here are details about how placement in the top one or two spots differs:

* Ads go to the top when they have met an additional performance standard, which focuses on the relevance of the ads to our users.

* This is measured by CTR. So ads/keywords with a particularly high CTR are the ones that go to the top. This also means that CTR is weighted more heavily than CPC in the algo for 'promotion'.

* Actual CPC is more important than Max CPC in terms of going to the top. This means that simply 'bidding higher' is not likely to get one 'promoted'.

* Ads/keywords must first be reviewed and approved, in order to be sent to the top one or two spots.

Slightly different from what Google have documented in the support section


Nice Catch!

Thanks Paul :)

Has anyone tried the suggestions AWR made in that thread? As i've mentined, ppc is not my strong suit but i'd love to know if anyone has any luck with that or what they thought of it in general?



Interesting to see what Google say about the Adwords relevancy algo.

I have to say that having managed a very large number of adwords campaigns that the claim that CTR is more important than Max Bid does seem a little over stated.

Still, it's definately good to get some feedback on a system of ranking that's a little confusing for most people.

Especially interesting to note that only approved listings can reach the top spots, that certainly explains a few questions that we have had.


Hey MTWB, welcome to Threadwatch!

Thanks for that comment, it's good to see some folks that know their stuff on PPC commenting on that little snippet.

Now go follow that link and sign in ;-)

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