Top Five Mobiles and Smartphones


The Times runs and article looking at their top 5 mobiles and top 5 smart phones. As many readers here may have their own views, I leave it for your annoyance.

Samsung SGH-D600
Sharp 903
Sony Ericsson W900
Nokia 6680
Motorola Razr

Palm Treo 650
T-Mobile MDA Vario / O2 XDA Mini S
HP iPAQ HW6515 Mobile Messenger
Sony Ericsson P990



Ive been waiting for ages for the Nokia N91, hope it comes soon in 2006.

I tried the Nokia 9200

I tried the Nokia 9200 communicator series, which is about as stylish as brick. It had a decent sized keyboard and 640x270 screen. However three days on the phone with Nokia and T-Mobile failed to get it working so back it went. Shame it's a phone that actually would have ben useful for something other than calls.

samsung i730 Great phone, a couple of quirks that seem like stupid oversights. Hopefully those will be addressed eventually and this will end up being a very powerful phone.

broadband internet
ms office, etc

i730 nearly perfect but...

if the samsung i730 wasn't pure cdma it would be my treo 650 replacement. it won't work in europe.


It's great in metro areas where EVDO is available. The quirks include having to dialup for wifi as well as not receiving calls while surfing the web (unless you're in a evdo network). The service and phone quality is flaky at times as well.

Overall, a very cool phone though. I really wish someone would license the form factor of the t-mo sidekick though. With a windows OS, that would be above and beyond the best phone available in my mind. I really liked the one I had until I moved into an area where there was no service.

filler content

I consider articles like this "filler content" because they report of what is out there now, blind to what is on the way. Verizon has announced the treo 7xx coming very soon, and a version of the PPC-6700 Sprint has been offering. Both promise to upset the 730, Treo 650 in a big way. Rumors have one coming in just before the end of December and the other in January. The 6700 gets killer reviews... BestBuy's been testing them. The world is already questioning whether Motorola can deliver a follow-up to the (now passe) Razr. So now's the time for an article calling it the greatest thing in an industry run by 2 year contracts?

The gap widens... is there no limit? Somebody needs to think that through market economies...

I have a Treo 650. Best PDA

I have a Treo 650. Best PDA I've ever had. Crap phone (well.. good enough) though.

I used to have an SPV C500, which was a great phone, but I had a realisation that I'd rather have a great PDA and a crap phone than a great phone and a crap PDA. Phones are only so useful, and a phone that's a bit buggy and a little difficult to use doesn't really annoy me as much as a "smartphone" that requires a Windows computer to really do anything useful.

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