TrustRank in Action


It seems that TrustRank is not the PageRank-replacement beast it has been made out to be in some quarters of the internet.

I made a post on DigitalPoint, based on this analysis of a flaw Google's Anti-Phishing Toolbar extension for Firefox:

Trustrank has been a phrase bouncing around the internet for a while. It has always been associated with some form of replacement or supplement to PageRank (PR).

Funny thing is, I'm not so certain that is the case!

Here is a snippet of code sent from Google's Anti-Phishing Toolbar extension for Firefox:
GET /safebrowsing/lookup?sourceid=firefox-antiphish&features=TrustRank&client=navclient-auto-ape&

Now it may be that TrustRank will develop as a supplement to PageRank (PR) over time through the data collected, or it may just be the case that people have gotten a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Using TrustRank in the way described makes perfect sense. I was rather surprised to see it in the code but it did make the penny drop. TrustRank is not so much about algos and SERPs but about internet sites that can be trusted with Google's Wallet.


great post, but I suspect

great post, but I suspect 'the concept formally known as trust rank' still exists.

This is probably the same thing that happened with the term 'sandbox' turns out Google had a different name for it.

Yea the 'sandbox filtr' has

Yea the 'sandbox filtr' has a lot to do with what we on the SEO side think of or call 'trustrank'. It's in Google's bet interest for them to obfuscate, confuse, and leave generally unclear anything about it. Loose lips sink ships ...

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