Rumor: Bill Clinton Supports Pump and Dump Market Manipulating Spammer?


A while ago we posted about the much hyped me too offering called Accoona spamming various SEO forums to promote their search engine.

Brian Turner also commented in the thread that people from the same IP addresses were promoting Armando Rousso, who was noted as the founder of Accoona.

This PDF states:

According to a January 30, 2002 article in The Record (Bergen County, NJ), law enforcement authorities have “paint[ed]... Marc Rousso as the guiding force behind a series of ‘pump and dump’ schemes in the mid-1990's involving tens of millions of dollars of low-priced stocks.” According to the same article, federal authorities have maintained that “Rousso hid his substantial holdings in a series of penny stocks that he illegally promoted and then sold after the price rose, leaving investors holding near-worthless stock.

I am not certain if the Accoona Marc Armand Rousso is the same one who did the illegal pump and dump activities, but some of the people looking at the various forum spam suggest he is one and the same. This thread connects the names Marc and Armand, and mentions some of his earlier businesses. Anyone know if there is a 100% certain connection?

The picture with Clinton is from Rousso's website. When Accoona launched Bill Clinton helped promote it.


All I can say is I won't be

All I can say is I won't be taking any shares in Accoona but I can imagine the story.

Senate Committee: Did you hype Accoona.
Bill: I did not hype Accoona.

Hey Bill, here is a definition of hype along witha definition of [url= job]blow job[/url]

That's a great headline.

That's a great headline. :)

Didn;t realise he had a past - certainly the attempt at forum viral marketing didn't mention anything on that. :D

Makes sense

If Bill C. was in the SEM biz he'd so totally be a spammer! :)

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