Blogosphere Going to Shit?


With the growing number of legitimate blogs and massive automated content generation hitting central blog services hard Graywolf wonders if the Blogosphere is failing to scale.

First it was Six Apart/ Typepad going down, now bloglines is shutting down for maintenance, and has been down most of today.


Re: Blogosphere Going to Shit

Whoa, is that a typo or Aaron's new attempt at swearing??? ;-)

I wouldn't say that issue is anything new though - back in the days when I was using Blogger for ... (that dreaded sp-word) it used to be down every now and then - maybe it still is but I just don't mess with it. Downtime happened to Technorati multiple times AFAIK too.

It depends

It depends on what you believe is sh*t.

I agree that anything automated is poop!

I can also tell you that if you had a new wordpress blog during the jagger updates you got mixed in with spammers. I was one of the idiots who thought it would be smart to do my new sites in blog format. :(

Spam spam spam

I was surfing the tech blogs the other day and the amount of MFA snippet clipping scraper sites was pretty nasty. The aggregators and other services are going to have to start approving blogs as the only way to stem the tide of the auto-crap sites.

most blogs

are shit anyway, auto-gen is no better or worse than most self centered drivel.

Right on bulldog! Blogs are

Right on bulldog! Blogs are in general a peice of egocentric waffle. Shit is an understatement for the overwhelming majority.

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