Wikipedia Invades Google Serps


Take a look at the top "organic" result in the following SERP's:

[cooking information]
[poker information]
[fishing information]
[weight loss information]
[credit card information]
[Donald Trump information]

By adding [info] or [information] to searches you can trigger an insert for wikipedia. It's not true 100% of the time but is true for quite a few where wikipedia is clearly not the best resource. If this is a hint of what's going to happen with AOL content getting favorable placement (what Google gave up to get AOL) things are really moving in the wrong direction over at the plex.

Hat tip to Oilman and PMac.


Watch out Wiki, here comes the spam

More #1 positions for wikipedia means more people are gonna want to be listed on there.

Won't take long...

...before you don't even need to add the "info" search word anymore.

Focusing on answers instead of serps is an interesting way to combat spam. Counting on eager Wiki editors there. Quite smart actually.

A while ago I posted that I

A while ago I posted that I thought there would be at least individuals if not companies who worked on doing nothing but editing / leveraging the Wikipedia.

Fairly easy to do in a direct or indirect manner if you are creative with it.

Someone who I respect

Someone who I respect greatly (and you know pretty well Aaron) showed me what I told them (and I still believe is) the most professional Wikipedia spam ever.

There are ways and ways of spamming the Pedia and that person rules supreme IMHO. He taught me a lot :)

He taught me a lot :)

He taught me a lot :)

am wondering if that person should be
- happy for teaching an old dog new tricks :)
- sad for teaching the guy who eventually kills the Wikipedia ;)

ways and ways

I like to think of it as leveraging exposure. and even if it is spam then so long as it is professional there are many tips and ideas wrapped up in are still teaching people and giving them access to information.

the Wikipedia wants to help create the world knowledge base. much information is spam, and without it the Wikipedia is a few chapters from complete.

I wonder if they have an article on Google Clique yet?

oih, less of the old

oih, less of the old dog.

I'm a dog that is approaching middle age only :D

before you don't even need

before you don't even need to add the "info" search word anymore

like now - but they only rank top 30 for most terms like 'poker' or 'credit card' not much competition in those anyway ;)

well then you need to define spam :)

Aarons right, if spam in something like wikipedia is so professional people don't pick up on it is it really spam?

I do sometimes feel that links to clients sites enhance an item :), or even that a subject or biography is entirely missing and needs to be added and I'm by no means a very professional spammer. I imagine in the hands of someone with a mission there's a lot that can be done. At what point it becomes spam is a bit subjective if its helpful, I'd say.

Plus I've also seen a load of pure crud which will happily sit there forever because its about something so non-contentious that no one will ever bother to look at it.

No "Information" needed.

Some of you might notice that google is experimenting with other keywords aswell.

Im currently at work, but from home when I search for "fishing", I get the
same result seen here for "fishing information".

It looks experimental though.. google is tracking clicks on it.

Wikipedia clones too

This Google query for Ginsters Pasties (don't ask) got as #1


OK, its not a clone, but an interesting insight into what G can misconstrue as an authority site.

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