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Google cutting fat from dynamic content?
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Threadwatch member Mikkel deMib Svendsen offers some invaluable advice for webmasters regarding dynamic content over at SEW. Not a day goes by where you dont see at least a small handful of threads claiming that one of the major SE's are doing something funny with dynamic pages.

We know that under certain conditions (too many vars in a url for example) Google has trouble with these sites, especially with session id's but when those areas are covered, where's the problem?

What I most often find the problem to be is that many webmasters chose the first possible solution they find to get their dynamic website indexed and ranked. Sometimes the chosen solution, allthough it may work, is just not the best for the site.

Some webmasters may jump right into URL-rewrite when in fact the big problems to deal with is session IDs, track IDs, browser agent detection, GEO-location, indentical content, infinite calendars or other spider traps. The URL-rewrite may looks like it solves the indexing poblem but suddenly one of the other problems kick in with the result of de-indexing of pages. Now, most webmasters will think that Google is messing up, don't support URL-rewriting or something like that when in fact the problem is not that at all.

Thats why quick fixes for dynamic websites often only work short time. I recomend all to take the time it takes to really understand every aspect of how your dynamic, or technically advanced, website impact search engine spidering, indexing and ranking. And then, make sure you fix all important problems - not just the first you run into.

If you dont know of Mikkel, he used to work for one of the larger scandinavian SE's and is more than qualified to speak on such matters.

Great stuff from SEW...


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