Yahoo Search! to Launch New Live Radio Show & Podcast with WebmasterRadio.FM on 12/21/05

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Yahoo Search! will be launching their radio show tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

This show will be aired on the last Wednesday of every month and hosted by none other than Tim Mayer and Jeremy Zawodny for a Power Hour surging with and exciting look at some of the valley’s newest and hottest companies.

You can expect interviews and commentary with top industry veterans and the scoop from those behind the scenes making it all happen. Expect them to cover current events with the latest happenings in the online world.

The name of the show: Power Source.

The show will be available live, archived and of course podcast as well.
Make sure you come out for this one folks. Should be great considering who your show hosts are.

Enjoy and see you guys there.

Daron Babin


not sure how the hell you

not sure how the hell you pull it all off Daron, but am impressed :)


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