Internet Archive Updated


Stuntdubl noticed the Wayback Machine has been updated to include the first half of 2005.

With Alexa renting their index I thought it was weird that they waited so long to update


Duplicate Content

If they could get it to update once a month or so, it has the potential to be used as an "arbitrator" to resolve duplicate content disputes, like who was up first and has a valid Copywrite claim??

Claims are not the issue

Claims are not the issue because anyone with good distribution doesn't have enough time to fight off all the content theft they will face.

With RSS and many other things I don't think the answer is an arbitror...some of the stuff is too quick anyhow, and the openness of some content publishing models makes it far too easy to steal.

I think there needs to be less open support of the shitty practices by some of the big players in the search space.

There is also only so much you can automate...because some issues are a bit sticky.

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