Blog Confession Leads to Manslaughter Conviction


Teen Pleads Guilty After Blog Confession

An 18-year-old passenger who caused a fatal crash by pulling on the steering wheel pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter after prosecutors discovered a confession on his online blog.


and that starts off the 101

and that starts off the 101 blog posts you never want to make series...

I remember..

Years ago I posted an entry to an old blog of mine moaning about an argument that I had with my girlfriend (now wife). She didn't really know about the blog, but found out that I had been sharing my frustrations with the world when a mutual friend asked if it was all sorted, and showed her the entry.


Took her a while to forgive me and I had to promiss not to put anything "personal" about our relationship online again.

Thank godness she doesn't check ;)

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