RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties

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RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties
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5StarAffiliates aka Linda Buquet points out something that many must have thought about during the current RSS explosion.

Some of the big popular blogs probably have tons of people displaying their feeds and creating plenty of duplicate content. To me, this is similar to merchants who have lots of affiliates displaying their product datafeeds.

Do you think Google will some day penalize sites for displaying blog content the way it is suspected they may possibly be penalizing sites for duplicate affiliate content?

It's something I was talking to rc about roughly a year and a half ago but now it comes to the forefront of savvy webmasters thoughts as RSS finally hits the bigtime and people start to mess around with it to see how it can be used to gain better listings.

After all, it's free content right? I know i've thought about it much but never quite had the time to do anything special with it. Here's one idea i had that might work nicely:

You could add all kinds of other stuff into the mix of course but you get the idea...


I'm an RSS newbie...

...I know, but isn't this "free content" just very easy to spot (i.e. to be disregarded completely by search engines)?

Meanwhile, your spamazon casserole is looking a bit bland. Floyd says: "Back on pot".

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