Rumor: Microsoft acquires Opera?


CoolTechZone is carrying a story in which "inside sources" claim Microsoft have acquired Opera

"Here comes a surprise. In a recent conversation with one of our insiders at Microsoft, the source revealed that Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, has acquired Opera Software, makers of the Opera browser. The insider reported that both Microsoft and Google were trying to bid on Opera, but in the end, the software maker took the lead."

While the thought of MS ditching IE is attractive, I doubt it to be the case. More likely, I think MS are trying to remove a key future player from the market. Opera do also have an excellent mobile phone browser, which Microsoft lack at this time, if my SPV C500 is anything to go by. I wonder what the antitrust/monopoly courts will have to say about this acquisition.


Get Back to work !

Mopatop works for me .. and should be working lol

Here is what we have just been chatting about in my Office ..

What if Microsoft add a new cool feature to IE7 block all ad networks .. and then they add Google and YPN ??/


pulled the post

they pulled their punches on that post

Update: Opera recently confirmed that Microsoft has not approached the browser maker and there is no active acquistion deal between the two companies currently.

and this thread should get pulled too...for flagrant rumor mongering...not to mention the waste of DaveN's resources...

Happy holidays you farking punters.

MicroSoft and Opera both

MicroSoft and Opera both denied a deal

MicroSoft denial
Opera denial

I heard...

I heard DaveN bought Opera.


willing to pitch in...

DaveN bought Opera

score on user data

all SEOs should own a popular browser :)

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