Time to search for alternative to Google?


Time to search for alternative to Google? is a Times Online article stating that Google has grown too big for it's boots, and that if it continues to do deals with large companies like the one with AOL, more people will switch to alternatives such as MSN.

Most of the world still relies on Google to deliver fast, accurate and unbiased search. The company owes its success to delivering a search engine with a simple home page, and, as it has gradually adopted advertising, by making clear what has been paid for and what not. Yet, at the same time, Google has been gradually working more closely with large content companies — signing a deal with Time Warner and taking a stake in AOL — to help to make their content available to its search engines. It has a similar relationship with Yahoo!

Optimisation is something of an ambivalent term in the search engine community. Anybody can pay for it, and the idea is that optimisers will boost a business’s presence in the web rankings, although not all practices are legitimate. Sites are ranked, for example, by the number and types of links to them. If those links are fraudulent, it is possible to fool the search engine, although Google employees try to watch out for this.

I wonder if The Times doing a deal with MSN to power it's searches has anything to do with the article. It wouldn't be surprising considering MicroSoft's recent research on the Google ad network.


well its interesting spin

and it must be a cause of concern for Google that articles like this are appearing in such well respected mainstream media, whatever the reason.

What's also interesting is

>> If those links are fraudulent, it is possible to fool the search engine

Thats a pretty emotive word, technically it might be correct (fraud is to deceive, and I suppose therefore placing links to gain higher rankings by deceiving the SE about the relevance of the page would be fraud) but in the UK at least fraud is something people are sent to jail for.

This blurring of the line between "illegal" and "outside of the SE's guidelines" is concerning I think.


Most of the world still relies on Google to deliver fast, accurate and unbiased search

And on the fact that Google's result pages are - heh, funny, I was going to write "ad free" - are light on ads so average brain users can directly skip to "organic" results. There are a few big search engines that are so crippled with sponsored links that they make me wonder why they bother displaying anything else below them

(And as for MSN given here as an example, ho boy, come on. It's *green and blue*)

Some valid concerns, ridiculous conclusions

I'm hoping that MSN -- and others -- gain more market share. A more competitive landscape is good for everyone (publishers, searchers, advertisers, etc.) So I agree with some of the underlying sentiments from the author that Google's bigness should optimally be better balanced by existing or new entrants and such.

But MSN? I almost spit out my coffee. MSN search already has a lot going for it, and should absolutely be judged on its own merits. But heralded as an underdog, even given its Microsoft ownership? How laughable!

And what's with not a single mention of Yahoo!? That struck me as both very odd and inappropriate.

Google Is On Its Way

to becoming just anonther corporate company wanting to control everything you do on the internet...this strategy has never been proven successful when it comes to internet search (just ask MSN) And sooner or later Google will be view a just another corprate bureaucracy that people hate dealing with. They already have 100+ things in "perpetual beta" that do not work all that well. Does anyone here like the fact that now you are actual "login" to Google? Google has always won the search engine wars because it was ONLY a "search engine" and a NOT corporate entity like MSN. Now, with every passing day their image as just a search engine gets blurred. MSN has had this problem all along and will never enjoy search engine status like Google for the simple fact that MSN is a software company and not a search engine company and they will always be perceived as a software company, no matter how good of a search engine they have. As soon as Google line becomes too blurred, the door will be wide open for another SE or for one the exsisting SE to "re-think" the need to be "everything to everyone"

Speaking of Google: I just got this when trying to go to my gmail account...

Gmail is temporarily unavailable. Cross your fingers and try again in a few minutes. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Cross your fingers and try again

Are they %$#^$ kidding me? This is suppose to be funny?

This is happing more and more with all their services...have you tried and use their "site map" service. it barely works most of the time.

As Always...IMHO

Merry Christmas,

proceed with caution, timewarp follows:

For anyone who is getting tired of AltaVista banner ads when doing web searches, try Google instead -- no banners, and I find the search results are more useful.

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