Om Malik - "I've been robbed"


Under the headline Wholesale Blog Plagiarism … Alert the good Om Malik has apparently just found out that blogs, as well as anything else, can be scraped. If he does not know that this goes on, then I don't know where he has been for the last few years. Rather poignantly it was posted on Christmas Day

Apparently, these people are not just ripping my content, but also the content of other bloggers. The design seems to be inspired by “Weblogs Inc” and clearly, this site is created to make money off other-people’s work. Think of this as a new kind of a splog. All right folks, I need some suggestions on how to make this shit stop.

Some readers here may wonder why anyone would possibly want to copy Om Malik's blog!


It's ludicrous that someone

It's ludicrous that someone like Om would be shocked about this. It's actually hard to believe that he hasn't experienced it before, or at least visited blogs or done searches that have shown him this trend over the past 3-4 years.

It would be like Danny Sullivan posting that he had just seen email spam for the first time.... Makes you wonder how "web-versed" the "experts" really are.

>ludicrous >wonder how

>wonder how "web-versed"

Maybe Om's just led a more sheltered weblife than some of us and hasn't had the exposure to become the jaded, hyper-cynical SOBs we are. But now that he's aware he might as well get accustomed to the SwipeOsphere.

Scraping 2.0

That's what the "Next Generation Internet" is all about!

Am I the only one who can't

Am I the only one who can't get his entry to load up in Firefox?

"get his entry to load up in Firefox?"

Brian, afraid I don't know, as TW crashes my FF most of the time, so I have to open TW with IE! And this entry works in IE.


a) well... duh

b) get out the pitchforks the host is also clearly to blame

please help spread the word and make this a nightmare not for this guy but also for his host, and everyone else

right. Because that will help. Stupid host not checking every site every day for potential TOS abuse.

c) Please will everyone learn to spell SCRAPER?

Good One Gurtie

I overlooked that one and he's supposedly a writer too, makes it twice as funny!

TW works just fine with FF

Must be the particular implementation you use :-)

Thank you, Gurtie

c) Please will everyone learn to spell SCRAPER?

And I thought I had missed a class at Geekspeak 2.0...

Yep -I've always been ok on

Yep -I've always been ok on FF in here Cornwall. You should try though - that site has crashed each and every version of FF I have ever installed.

Firefox crash?

Perhaps you're using all sorts of unstable Firefox extensions destablizing it or have something else installed on your PC (scumware? spyware? mismatched DLLs?) causing it to be unstable.

I go to all those places on multiple computers using Win 2K and Win XP with no problems whatsoever. FYI, the only other people I know with such complaints are running it on ancient Win 98 systems.

As a matter of fact, for me, it NEVER crashes!

I leave it up on both computers days at a time with 20+ tabs open so I would suspect other sources for the problems and start looking for other causes.

Talk about a hijacked thread LOL

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