Steve Rubel Hacks Google Print

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Well it looks like the book publishers fears have come true, Blogging Guru Steve Rubel Hacks his way into Google Print and reads books for free:

I have found a way to read most of their terrific hacks for free using Google Book Search - at least for now. This trick, by the way, works for lots of books, like travel guides. See the end of this post for how I hacked the Frommer's travel series.

He's claiming about a 70% success ratio. Now admitidly you could walk into your neighborhood Barnes and Noble or Borders and do the same thing with a 100% success ratio, but you'd have a hard time getting a hard copy to take home with you.


Danny's not impressed

SEW Blog entry

In reality, I think he's just finding that Google Book Search operates exactly the way it is supposed to operate, to show you a percentage of a book that a publisher itself has allowed you to view online.

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