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What is Moderating?
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Some interesting factoids about moderating from WebmasterWorld. I don't think Brett expected the reply he got.



Forum thesis #2

"Those mods who feel appreciated by the community and site administrator will stick around longer and derive more pleasure for their efforts."

Forum thesis #3

"Mods are more likely to stay engaged and active in a thriving, active community. A board that loses its focus, or dwindles in activity, will lose its mods out of boredom or frustration."

Need a little more info:

The first post, put forth by Brett_Tabke says this:

Forum Thesis #1
In the long run, those mods who engage their sub-community will stick around longer and derive more satisfaction from their effort. - rogerd Nov 24, 2004

This is followed by the quotes in Nick's post above. I put this here because I doubt this thread will last long.

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