Bloggers Wising Up to Spamsense?

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Google has been pushing hard to index and organize every type of content they can get their bots on. Companies have sued. Bloggers have blogged it and loved it.

Amongst the bloggers even the tech elite have remained clueless as to what some companies are facing. It seems as though Om is just starting to piece together 2 + 2:

I think the problem of splogs and scraping can be fixed if Google steps’ up to the plate.

And now that story is spreading through the A list blogs, as if it was not old news. Some are suggesting sending subpoenas to Google for the identities of those whom Google is paying.

To be honest I think the problem has already evolved beyond Google's control. Many people started splog networks with AdSense and moved on to affiliate marketing or other monetization methods after Google showed them how profitable splogs are.

How long can Google hold out? Which blogger is going to want the linkbait bad enough to sue Google? Do YOU want to pitch in on the suit with some of your splog AdSense earnings? ;)


The main problem is...

Blogs have idiotic designs and most of the new content is on the homepage.

If all a scraper did was scrape a blog once a day it would be imperceptible and spider/scraper traps wouldn't catch them whatsoever.

Make blogs split across more pages and require more crawling to get the latest content and then localized technology can identify and thwart the problem but as it sits the fundamental design flaw is your basic blog itself.

Stop whining Om, just put a sock in it.

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