Nick W Interviews John Battelle on FM Publishing


Nick scores and interview with John Battelle about his new blog advertising product Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media (we call it FM) is something of a mashup of business models, all of which exist to support what might be called "talent" - think of the music labels, agents, book publishers and the like, but without the evil approach to intellectual property rights. Federated is a service business that partners with authors of great websites to bring them services and revenue. From our overview (not yet up, but soon): WE SELL ADVERTISING, indeed we do.

But that's not all we do. At FM, we believe great voices attract great audiences. We're in the business of supporting those voices, by both connecting them to great marketers, as well as providing a suite of services that let authors focus on what they do best: make compelling media. In doing so, we hope to create federations of respected voices which prosper on their own terms.

Now before you run off thinking it's another AdSense, or AdBrite there's a nugget John Gives about FM's approach

We do not strive to have thousands of authors in our network. Scores of just the right ones will do.

So instead of making nickels and dimes on hundreds of thousands of unknown websites, they are targeting the marquee level bloggers who can command higher prices. If blogs continue to splinter and become more and more niche level, I'm not sure if it will work, however this will provide an attractive way for companies who want to stick their big toe into the blog advertising market give it a test.