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Think Digg is cool? Want to make a similar site? Try Pligg, the free open source equivalent to Digg. I doubt the technology will scale well in many fields (can't imagine a weight loss Digg being full of anything but spam, for exampe) but the concept seems cool and I may have a play with it soon. Other than the potential of getting sued the user generated content and collaborative editing seems like a great idea, especially if you subscribe to hundreds of feeds.

I also would imagine scope creap would be difficult to deal with if you wanted to focus on a specific vertical. It seems to me that the early adopters that would promote sites via Pligg type software would end up skewing everything toward internet and technology.

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Needs some work

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Needs some work

We actually have a little

We actually have a little side project on at the moment which is close to this. Drupal based but with we've put together an AJAX voting system module - hopefully should be some fun for the SEO community. I'll be able to tell you more shortly Aaron :)

Drupal Ajax Commenting System, sounds great!

So what happened to this project? I couldn't find anything about it on the Drupal web site. I'm intrigued. Anyone know?

good comment-based

good comment-based "timeline" on pligg on digg

Pligg is Cool, and Digg has nothing to worry about

I don’t think digg has anything to worry about. Digg is an excellent Tech site. Pligg, which is similar to digg in functionality, is not based on the same code, but a complete rewrite. It’s similar, but definately different.

Pligg enables its users to setup shop serving any kind of content, not just ‘tech’. Why setup another tech site? There are thousands of them. Enough already. That being said, the “digg-like” technology could be used to create a thousand great ‘non-tech’ sites. Cool.

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