Overstock.com CEO Warns Us About Drugs, Dead Bodies and Sith Lords


Not sure if Patrick Byrne is crazy like a fox or just plain crazy, but he's made some statements recently that are pretty far out there The Register

Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne continues to break new ground as the head of a publicly traded company. In a single TV interview last week, he shocked investors by revealing that holiday sales were far below expectations, perplexed the financial crowd by talking about drugs and dead bodies being found in his trunk and initiated a verbal war with billionaire blogger Mark Cuban. This latest round of gaffes adds to a tradition for Byrne that includes admitting that he lied about being gay and a coke-head to financial analysts and initiating a program to uncover a "Sith Lord" seeking to ruin Overstock.



That's hilarious - and a sure way of getting attention for his company as well :)

He has been at this act for

He has been at this act for a while now.

The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that he is trying to drive down the stock price, or uses crack, heroin, crystal meth, and PCB right before every conference call or media exposure.

Talk about wasted ad money

I had never been to Overstock.com before reading this article. *shrug*

But given that they have spent millions of dollars promoting the URL "Overstock.com" I had to laugh when I entered this exact URL and was shown the following message:

The URL 'overstock.com' is invalid. Redirecting to URL 'http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi'.

That is just too funny. Talk about a lousy user experience. Way to inspire confidence in your customers. Perhaps the Sith Lords used the Jedi Mind Trick on their web servers too.

"This is not the URL you are looking for."

Funny stuff.


Cool, a crazy CEO

Regardless, Overstock.com has always had some pretty good deals. Never had a problem getting to their site before...or now.

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