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If there's still any doubt that the Google wants to be the internet, there's a rumor that Google is in negotiations with Walmart to sell cheap PC's, possibly known as "Google Cubes", that connect you to the internet. Google's Larry Page may even announce the details in his CES keynote address this week in Las Vegas. via Los Angeles Times

Sources say Google has been in negotiations with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., among other retailers, to sell a Google PC. The machine would run an operating system created by Google, not Microsoft's Windows, which is one reason it would be so cheap — perhaps as little as a couple of hundred dollars.

Bear Stearns analysts speculated in a research report last month that consumers would soon see something called "Google Cubes" — a small hardware box that could allow users to move songs, videos and other digital files between their computers and TV sets.

Larry Page, Google's co-founder and president of products, will give a keynote address Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Analysts suspect that Page will use the opportunity either to show off a Google computing device or announce a partnership with a big retailer to sell such a machine.


If you partner with

If you partner with Wal-Mart, does that mean you have to drop "do no evil"?

yes it absolutely means

yes it absolutely means exactly that


walmart been selling cheapies for a long time.

not in beta ;)

walmart been selling

walmart been selling cheapies for a long time.

not in beta ;)

Yes but with the name "Google Cubes" instead of "Microtel SYSWM7008 PC 1.6 GHz Duron" they will sell a lot more of them.

In my normal, somewhat

In my normal, somewhat cynical mode before my morning coffee kicked in, I just had to doubt this and agree with its filing under rumours and scandal. The more I think about it though, why would Page be keynoting at CES unless G is introducing some sort of hardware-related gadget? This story might have some legs and could be very, very interesting.

All denied apparently

Nice quote here

Google's response to the rumor Monday. "We have many PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter that market," Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez told Light Reading via email. "We would rather partner with great companies."

but they do add

Google founder, Larry Page, is scheduled to speak 4 p.m. Friday, January 6 at the Las Vegas Hilton during the Consumer Electronics Show. The company hasn't commented on what he plans to discuss at that appearance.

google doesnt need to brainstorm new ideas..

the media and potential competitors are already coming up with ideas for google, everything from long distance service to cable tv to google computers. personally i think the next business is GoogleAir, after all they did buy an airplane and has been registered :)

Word for word...

To extend the above quote, Rodriguez continued, "We would rather partner with great companies."

Brett found David Krane post:

we have a number of PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter this market; we would rather partner with great companies.

Maybe we'll find out who the great companies are come Friday.

if memory serves...

If memory (no pun) serves me, didnt Walmart a few years ago try this out with Lindows a quasi-Windows/Linux set-up? and pissed off Microsoft which ended up in some minor Court issue... seems like so many years ago.

Vinnie you're right...

Today that company is called Linspire as a result, not of any US litigation, but rather from pressure in the EU courts. Microsoft was going to eat Linspire for lunch and instead of loosing over there, the owner decided to save the cost and damage of destruction abroad and simply rename and move on. Was and is actually a decent little commercial hack on a Debian linux/KDE desktop.

What I'm really waiting to see happen is the googleOS.

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