Google to Buy Monster.Com ?


Acccording to a story at CNN , Google could be ready to buy

The top search engine is preparing to formally roll out Google Base, a service that among other things will allow users to post job listings for free.

Some have speculated that Google could make an even bigger splash in the online classifieds business by acquiring Monster Worldwide, which runs the popular online job site


I think the Fed is going to

I think the Fed is going to stop raising interest rates because outside of borrowing on credit the economy has really not done much of a rebound recently. And if real estate prices drop much there won't be much of a source for people to borrow on credit. I am betting the economy heads south this year, which should bring Monster's share price lower. In September of 2004 they traded at $18 and are now close to $42 a share. What has changed since then to double the value of Monster?

With how it is becoming easier to social network on the web I don't think Monster is needed as much as it once was (although it could be really useful for outsourcing I guess).

I can't see Google dropping over 5 billion dollars developing one vertical search where cheaper partnerships (like the 1 billion dollar AOL deal with equity) allow them better leverage across multiple verticals.


I remember this surfacing about 18 months ago.
SEWF thread


I hope this goes through just so I can say Google Monster as often as possible.

Makes Sense

With all the hiring Google is doing buying Monster might just be cheaper than paying their fees - heh

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