Newsvine Invites: Want One?


A while ago we posted on Newsvine, a news start up that allows people to comment on the news. They just beta launched and I have a few invites to give away.

To me it sorta appears like a but it also:

  • Allows you to run your own column.
  • Where you are allowed to post more than a few sentences per post.
  • You can post many links.
  • You can tag and categorize your posts.
  • You keep ad revenue from all traffic your pages generate.

The biggest thing that scares me about this idea are:

  • The terms of service may change.
  • The data is in someone else's control.
  • How well will it scale? Look how horrific Typepad's reliability has been.
  • How are they going to combat fraud (stealing and republishing content and click fraud or whatever else they get a boatload of by giving the publishers a large cut)?

The invite page mentions what happens to people who invite spammers:

If, for instance, your 20 invites went to spammers, it could have adverse effects on your own account.

But we are all professionals here, and spam is only in the eye of the beholder, right?

If you want an invite just PM me with your email address and I will send you an invite (at least until I run out of them). If you grab an invite please post your thoughts in this thread.


unsolicited invites

You may want to be aware that someone is inviting TW members to join this thing in an unsolicited manner. I just got invited by someone I don't know who apparently was inviting TW members.

Hi Jill

That was me and I did not mean to invite you in an unsolicited manner. I have been a member of your newsletter for a few years now. ( I am the member who invited Arron to News Vine. I also invited Nick, Grey Wolf and Grnidone because I thought they would enjoy checking out this new concept and get the most out of it. I did included my threadwatch id in the invite and I was NOT trying to spam you. If you considered this a spam piece of email... I do apologize. Sometimes I get a little over excited about new things.

If the members mentioned above feel I have spam them, please accept my apology.

Thanks for posting your concerns in public on Threadwatch instead of just sending Arron a private communication with your concerns and my Threadwatch ID (which was in the invite I sent you) That was so "white hat" of you.

Dan Brown

hopefully we can get the

hopefully we can get the thread back on to being more about Newsvine here...

Jill sorry he messaged you with what you took as spam.

Dan I didn't view it as spam when you sent me an invite (or else I wouldn't have posted on it). sorry for Jill considering it spam.

Easier to beg forgiveness

Easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission eh?

I've gotten worse emails, so not a big deal, and this was something I was meaning to look at anyway.

Hi Grey Wolf, I would not

Hi Grey Wolf,

I would not know if its easier to beg forgiveness or not. I am not begging for anything. Just issuing an apology to anyone who I may have offened or thinks I used poor judgement by sending them an email.


I think you're fine, Dan.

I think you're fine, Dan. We've all made worse mistakes and yours seems pretty minimal to me. Oh, and I'll take an invite if you've got one :)

famous quote

was just a derivation of a famous quote's_Law_of_Retroaction/


Hi Grey Wolf sorry...

I thought you were asking a question because of the question mark and no "" around your text...LOL. The famous quote meaning... is well took.

My Bad! I am not very well read.


> I'll take an invite sent

> I'll take an invite

I'm off for a week and a

I'm off for a week and a half down the Great Ocean Road and then Sydney (smug grin), but I'll be interested to have a look at this when I get back. So send me an invite please :)


can you shoot me a IM with your email addy for the invite in it

Invite please

I'll take an inviite please. Would like to see new ways people might reuse my content.

Mini Review

The Good

  • Nice clean shiny Web 2.0 UI
  • Great tool for moderately shameless self promotion

The Bad

  • Very broad and lacks focus
  • Terminology is a little confusing and unclear
  • Do we need another social-voting-mashup-scraping-news website
  • MLM payout system isn't clear when you sign up

If you want screen shots and more read the my full Newsvine Review

I'd like an invite

I'll take an invite, that would be sweet.
thanks -Dan

I'd like an invite too. :)

I'd like an invite too. :)

Send an invite over when you get the chance...


At first I didn't understand Jill's alarm about Dan's invite/spam. The issue is that the invite came on the Threadwatch PM system and not into her regular email account (which is out there).

I think the lesson out of this is if one is going to start PMing Threadwatch members with whom one is not acquainted personally with what is at the end commercial email, one should ask Aaron's permission.

I would have to think this might be one of the worst crowds in the world to throw long sales letters and MLM at. A chicken coop full of foxes.

Are there site policies or members' guidelines out there?

Not a PM

At first I didn't understand Jill's alarm about Dan's invite/spam. The issue is that the invite came on the Threadwatch PM system and not into her regular email account (which is out there).

No, actually, it was the other way around. If it had been a PM, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. It was an email having nothing to do with Threadwatch, other than he mentioned that he was a member here.

On my forum, we ocassionally get someone who signs on as a member and then starts emailing other members to solicit their services. Generally, many members complain and we quickly disable the emailing members account.

Had the person from newsvines simply personally emailed me and said, "hey Jill, I'm a long time newsletter subscriber and I thought you might be interested in this new project I'm a part of," I wouldn't have thought anything of it. People email me all the time with that sort of thing.

Instead it looked like one of those emails where the person just goes down the member list and sends an unsolicited email to everyone on it to announce their site.

I came here that day to pm Aaron about it, but then saw he had started this thread on it, and decided to post instead.

We listen to you closely Jill...

Seriously. I was hesitating over whether to buy Andrew Goodman's Adwords report and mainly based on your glowing recommendation (and Aaron's mention of his work in SEO Book), I did so immediately.

Jury's still out. First PPC campaign. Field too competitive for new website to begin with organic (life insurance).

First PPC campaign. From my

First PPC campaign.

From my limited experience I like some of the following for AdWords

  • setting up a cheap campaign with common keyword misspellings - it will get little traffic, but I get $3 conversions in markets where I otherwise typically pay $30
  • creating a small ad group for the most important most common search branded terms (that way you can tweak and manage it on it's own...branded terms tend to convert well and thus be fairly competitive)
  • using a keyword phrase generator for making relevant phrases for lots of other terms (these also work great in Overture since they put exact match above advanced match and sometimes you can get some uber cheap 10 centish clicks)
  • trying to rank at 2.0 to 3.0 on AdWords unless the market is just stupid profitable...then go for 1.0 to 1.4

I tend to stick mostly to AdWords and Overture / Yahoo! Search Marketing as well

Field too competitive for new website to begin with organic

It is just a state of mind man. Read this

back on track ;)

Send an invite over when you get the chance...

please send me your email via PM Ronsard

More spam invites...

Wow, now this company is sending indiscrimate spam from scraped email addresses...


Received: (qmail 2299 invoked from network); 17 Jan 2006 20:33:59 -0500
Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with (AES256-SHA encrypted) SMTP; 17 Jan 2006 20:33:59 -0500
Received: from [] ( ident=root)
by cronkite with esmtp (Exim 4.50)
id 1Ez2FQ-00081U-Ph

; Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:36:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:36:28 -0800 (PST)
From: The Newsvine Team
Reply-To: The Newsvine Team

Subject: Welcome to the Newsvine Private Beta...
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Unless somehow this is spoofed.

Jill Shall I make you a I

Shall I make you a I hate Newsvine t-shirt? Or maybe you can make a Newsvine = spammers story and we can seed it to see how high it goes on the list before they pull it ;)


No thank you. I don't hate newsvine, per se, I just hate email spammers. Do you like email spammers now or something, Aaron? I'll take an I hate email spammers tshirt, if you've got one.


C'mon how can you not like and take completely seriously a site that has a news sub-category called hot chicks ;-)

Newsvine Invite, please?

Hello, could I have an invite to Newsvine, please? It sounds like a very interesting service! Just send an invite to the below e-mail address, if you get a chance:

bandy DOT kyle AT gmail DOT com

Thanks so much!!!

Kyle Bandy

all gone...

FYI the Newsvine invites are all gone on this end. If another member would like to offer up that is cool on them. If not then we are all out, at least for now.


I have a couple left


Could someone set me up with an invite? If you are out, that is cool, but I thought it was worth an ask. thanks


Hang on, I'll go check my spam folder.

Hahaha...just kidding...couldn't resist an opening like that...

Any Left?

Please send me an invite if anyone has one left. Thanks!

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