Yahoo! Free Hotel WiFi

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I always hate paying $10 to $20 a day for internet access at hotels, especially because the authentication systems and connectivity sometimes suck.

That soon may be a thing of the past. The WSJ has an article about Yahoo! and Starwood partnering up to offer free WiFi:

Seeking new ways to distinguish their respective brands, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. and Yahoo Inc. said they will begin a test of Yahoo Internet lounges in two Sheraton hotels today.

Dubbed Yahoo Link@Sheraton, the lounges opening today in the lobbies of the Sheraton Boston and Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina will be part business center, part Internet cafe. They will have desktop workstations and space for guests to plug in laptop computers. Internet access, including wireless capability, will be free, the companies said.

Makes me wonder if the free WiFi initiatives will end up being mainly municipal based or partnerships between various corporations.



For starters, you need to stay at better hotels.

Yahoo must be targeting the leeches that try to suck blood from every customer instead of being service oriented.

FWIW, the Holiday Inn Express in Vegas has free wifi already, just enter your password once a day and you're on, just like many other hotels.

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