Retooled Apple Laptops Coming Soon?


The Macworld expo is on. Rumors of their new laptop coming early are circulating:

Apple fiercely guards its product announcements until CEO Steve Jobs' speech.

In that address today, tech analysts who follow the company expect Jobs to unveil redesigned laptops and a new iteration of the iPod Shuffle player, and perhaps — but less likely — introduce a newly designed Mac mini computer that hooks into a TV set and can track all at-home digital content.



I strongly suspect they will roll out Intel based laptops and completely phase out the G4 chip from the consumer market. I also expect some sort of expansion on the video front.

Rumor has it that Apple has web development software, possibly named "iWeb", in the works but I'm not sure they will roll it out right now.

Has anyone heard anymore on

Has anyone heard anymore on this?

MacBook Pro

They released the new high end, Intel powered, MacBook Pro They are taking orders now and shipping in February. New dual core Intel based iMac too. Lots of software and other stuff. For all the scoop, all sorts of Apple news goodness. :)

With Intel Chips

You can finally do the ultimately retooling and install Windows XP on the box and make it useful.

OK, that was flame bait, ignore it.

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