Yahoo! Buys Webjay

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Q: How many music services can Yahoo! own?

A: More than you can count. Yahoo! announced they purchased Webjay on their Yahoo! Music blog. What does Webjay do?

Users can create playlists using music/audio/video from around the Web (with a simple Web form, from scraping a Web page, or with a fancy Ajax interface created by a 3rd party using Webjay APIs), share them with others, include them on their Web sites, browse other users playlists, play the playlists in any media player, or cannibalize the playlists to create new ones.

I am wondering if Yahoo! puts itself in any weird legal liability situations buying this. What happens if people add copyright protected information to Webjay play lists? Then again, Yahoo! China has an MP3 tab.

It seems like search engines are pushing hard at disintermediation to leverage their positions at the bargaining table. The Google Video blog recently published the following:

If we went the traditional route and played in a couple of theaters, we may get a few hundred people to see the film. But if we premiered on Google Video, millions of people would see it. And, we would maintain ownership of the material. No middle man, no distributor, nothing.

I can't imagine that post impresses too many of the middle men.


Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Well if there's one area Google has neglected to dominate it's the music area. In fact Battelle had an interview with Marissa Mayer where she said Sergey doesn't listen to much music. Which leaves the door wide open for Yahoo to do a massive land grab.

Yea I agree about pissing off the middle men, but then again isn't that part of what the web is about connecting people in the shortest way possible.

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