Yahoo! Offers Free Haircuts, Car Washes, Oil Changes, Massages & More.


As part of their employee perk package!

For the first time, Yahoo! made Fortune's top 100 companies to work for, at #73.

Fortune magazine quotes:
Onsite amenities include massage, haircuts, dentistry, car wash, oil change, foosball, bocce, free lattes, and stock options for all.


Google is not in the list?

I am surprised Google is not in the list!

Not free

The lattes are free, but the haircuts, oil changes, car washes, etc. cost money. But they're extremely convenient - the vendors come right onsite.

Vendors come to a lot of

Vendors come to a lot of vendors onsight. That is nothing special. If the campus is big enough, you'll have a lot vendors doing stuff like that.

The only issue is that the oil change people suction the oil out from teh top...meaning all the sludge in your oilpan gets distributed through your system...I'll change my own oil.

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